IIT M E Summit: From great 5 to 14 March, rekindling entrepreneurship

Posted by S. Vishnu Sharma on March 1, 2021
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IIT M E Summit will be held from 5 to 14 March and would see eminent personalities rekindling the spirit of entrepreneurship.

There is more to this IIT M E Summit. This edition of the event will be held completely online and will have four conclaves.

IIT M E SummitThe conclaves of IIT M E Summit are youth conclave, innovators conclave, startup conclave and growth conclave.

It is interesting to note that more than 300 startups have registered for the startup conclave in IIT M E Summit.

And, more than 2,000 registrations have been recorded for the innovators conclave of IIT M E Summit.

In addition, around 800 people have registered for the Growth Conclave of IIT M E Summit, the Youth Conclave set to attract more than 1000 attendees.

IIT M E-Summit 2021 caters to a diverse set of audiences both in competitive events and lecture series where agritech and retail tech are covered in Unconference, Medtech in the product construct and the inspirit lecture series covers space tech.

IIT M E Summit

The theme
The theme for IIT M E Summit 2021 is ‘Sustain to Attain’ which highlights the importance of persevering through difficult times.

IIT M E-Summit also features a social campaign called ‘Pankh,’ which is focused on enabling the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises through sustainable business models.

There is more to IIT M E Summit than meets the eye.

In the social campaign, PANKH, which aims to help MSMEs is organizing a policy-making competition, ‘Strategise,’ in association with the National Institute of MSME (NIMSME), Hyderabad, to give exposure to the policy-making domain for students.

Another unique event under the campaign is the ‘MSME showcase,’ where unique MSMEs like Rogan art, Block printing of Ajrakhpur, and the like will be showcased, helping them reach more publicity and reach.

Hence, through its various events, workshops, and competitions, it reaches more than 5000 students and entrepreneurs across India.

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IIT M E SummitWhat else does it have?
Eminent personalities from all walks of life would address the gathering at IIT M E Summit.

Those who would speak at IIT M E Summit are:

Mr. Rana Daggubati-(actor and entrepreneur)

Mr. Mukesh Bansal-(co-founder of Cure. Fit & Myntra)

Mr.Lalit Keshre-(co-founder of Groww)

Mr. Yashish Dahiya-(co-founder of PolicyBazaar)

Mr.Sanjeev BikhChandani-(founder of Infoedge)

Mr. Deep Kalra-(founder of MakeMyTrip)

Ms. Varsha Tagare-(MD, Qualcomm Ventures)

Ms. Gaurav Agarwal-(co-founder of 1mg)

Dean (students)
Speaking about IIT M E Summit, Professor Nilesh J. Vasa, dean (students) at IIT Madras said the summit will provide an an opportunity to a wide student-audience and aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, alumni and investors to network, share knowledge and experience.

Faculty advisor
Faculty advisor of E-Cell Professor Ashwin Mahalingam said entrepreneurs among others were greatly affected by the pandemic.

Persevering through such challenging times is critical and is one of the main themes for this year’s IIT M E-Summit, he said.

He further said with every challenge there arise opportunities and IIT M E-Summit this year is intended to encourage entrepreneurs to identify these opportunities and innovate despite challenges such as the pandemic.

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An opportunity in a virtual conclave is that we are able to invite speakers from across the country and the world, he said.

‘We hope that this will provide an enriching experience to the participants.’

New additions
Speaking about newer additions introduced this year at IIT M E Summit, Ayush Toshniwal (students head) of E-Cell at IIT Madras said the team has been working on the sixth edition of IIT M E-Summit since the last 4 months, carefully curating online elements to elevate the attendee experience.

Mr. Akshit Bagde, Co-Head, E-Cell, IIT Madras said, this edition of IIT M E Summit will provide a customized opportunity to the knowledge seekers to learn and interact, and to the startups to grow and network.

IIT M E SummitFunding competition
Catering to the startups, their flagship funding competition ‘Elevate’ has reached nearly 300 startups.

Considering the pandemic scenario, IIT M E-Summit is being organized in an online platform named ‘Zuddl’ where the students have attempted to provide the experience of an offline event through the features of virtual stages, expo booths, one to one networking and discussion tables.

More about conclaves

Youth Conclave
The objective of this conclave in IIT M E Summit is to launch the ‘leaders of tomorrow.’

Youth Conclave is a multi-faceted confluence of engaging competitive and networking events that help an individual unlock their latent potential and skills in business and entrepreneurship.

This conclave at IIT M E Summit is envisioned to promote entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude among the next generation of graduates hence paving the way for these young leaders to ride the wave of change in the careers they undertake.

Innovators Conclave
This conclave at IIT M E Summit is envisioned towards providing aspiring entrepreneurs with intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts.

The Innovators’ Conclave aims to nurture entrepreneurial mind-sets and provide an opportunity to challenge oneself and to test one’s capability in this marathon of innovation through the plethora of competitive B-planning and comprehensive case-study events.

Startup Conclave
Aiming to accelerate start-up growth, the Start-up Conclave will focus on providing networking and experimental learning.

It is a platform for founders, investors and start up enthusiasts for providing extreme networking experience, insights and knowledge on various important topics and ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere.

This conclave at IIT M E Summit is crafted intrinsically for prospective and emerging start-ups looking for funding and expanding their network as well as knowledge, service providers, business/industrial stalwarts, VC firms and Investors, and Incubators and Accelerators with quality sessions, workshops, seminars, round table sessions, panel discussions, pitch, and of course round-the-clock networking.

IIT M E SummitGrowth conclave
A set of workshops to deliver the necessary hard skills needed in building the participants’ technical skills and business acumen to grow in their career and for new-age entrepreneurs to grow in their entrepreneurial journey.

Through industry experts, the Growth Conclave of IIT M E Summit aims to provide the best learning opportunities on the platform to upskill oneself and one’s start up.

Immersive post-workshop tasks and activities will be included to increase the overall engagement factor in a virtual platform.

Conducted broadly over the following tracks: Technology-Based, Business Based and Start-up Based, it aims to cover the following areas of interest.

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