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IIT Roorkee hosts inaugural lecture cum workshop

IIT Roorkee was the cynosure of all eyes when its Diversity & Inclusion Committee (DInC) organized ‘Abhyudaya’ an inaugural lecture cum workshop on Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

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The event at IIT Roorkee was held on 6 September 2023 at the Auditorium, Multi Activity Centre. Through the efforts of DInC, the Institute strives to cultivate an organizational culture and a workspace that is inclusive, equitable, and conducive to learning.

IIT RoorkeeWith this event, the institute inaugurated its lecture series to spread awareness about the diverse and inclusive environment and drafted its policy on diversity and inclusion, say sources from IIT Roorkee.


Prof. Mahua Mukherjee, Chairperson, DInC welcomed the gathering and threw some light on the genesis and motto of the Committee. The event was inaugurated by Prof. K.K. Pant, Director, IIT Roorkee.

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Prof. Pant highlighted about the significance of the need to encourage a diverse environment in the campus while inculcating an equal sense of participation and respect for all.

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He encouraged the members of the IIT Roorkee to acknowledge their extraordinary potential through this event to nurture comprehension, exalt differences and collaboratively labor towards a more inclusive society.


Director of IIT Roorkee mentioned that IITR has consistently nurtured some of the finest minds, sculpting not only their careers but also their characters.

The legacy of IIT Roorkee transcends its campus, reaching every corner of the globe through its alumni, who are luminaries, visionaries, and pioneers in their respective domains, he said.

As we embark on today’s event, let us acknowledge the extraordinary potential that lies before us. It is an opportunity to nurture comprehension, exalt differences, and collaboratively labor towards a more inclusive society, said Director of IIT Roorkee.

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The conversations we engage in today have the power to sculpt our destiny and that of generations yet to come, he said.

IIT RoorkeeChief Guest

The Chief Guest of the event at IIT Roorkee was Dr. N. Kalaiselvi, Director General Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and Secretary of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) who delivered lecture on the topic ‘Diversity, Inclusivity and Innovation.’

Her enlightening remarks provided fresh perspectives on the profound impact of diversity and inclusivity on fostering innovation and advancing scientific research.

In her keynote address, Dr. Kalaiselvi emphasized the pivotal role that diversity plays in shaping the future of scientific discovery and technological breakthroughs.


The Committee conducted a Workshop on Diversity Inclusion Policy with external experts Hon’ble Justice Ajay Bhanot, Allahabad High Court and Dr. Anita Aggarwal, Head-Tech.

Development Transfer, DST-GoI. The internal panelists were Prof. Ranjana Pathania, Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering, Major Reeti Upadhyay (Retd.), Deputy Registrar, IIT Roorkee.

The workshop was moderated by Prof. Rajat Agrawal, Department of Management Sciences, IIT Roorkee.

IIT RoorkeeDecision Making

Justice Ajay Bhanot of Allahabad High Court addressed the crucial issue of “Sources of Error & Bias in Decision-Making Process”. His insightful remarks explored the critical importance of identifying and mitigating errors and biases to eliminate discrimination within the educational framework and society at large.

Dr. Anita Aggarwal addressed a distinguished audience to champion the cause of diversity and inclusion within India’s innovation ecosystem, say sources from IIT Roorkee.

She emphasized on the need to be proactive in fostering diversity in all programs, initiatives, and research teams, recognizing the rich tapestry of talent that thrives in India.


The event was coordinated by Prof. Sarada Pradhan with joint efforts by all DInC members Prof. Sneha Singh, Prof. Rachita Gulati, Prof. Vimal Kumar, Prof. Himanshu Jain, students and Md. Anze M.P.

It was attended by students, teaching, non-teaching staff of the IIT Roorkee. The event ended with vote of thanks with the commitment by the DInC to follow up with many more awareness programs and lectures to be organized in the future.

‘Abhyudaya’ embodied IIT Roorkee’s vision for pioneering research and technological advancements while championing diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars of its mission.

The event underscored the institute’s dedication to creating a more equitable future, reflecting its broader commitment to excellence and innovation.


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