Without CAT Best 6 Alternative Routes to IIM Admission

by Tanu Bhatnagar

AI for Business  IIM Lucknow 

Embark on a six-month online AI certification at IIM Lucknow, ideal for professionals with 2-3 years of experience, opening doors to the dynamic field of artificial intelligence. 

Sports Management IIM Rohtak 

Pioneer a two-year PG diploma in sports management at IIM Rohtak, catering to sports enthusiasts and administrators on a national and global scale.  

Business Management  IIM Kozhikode 

IIM Kozhikode offers a flexible online business leadership course, blending self-paced learning with a five-day on-campus immersion for working professionals. 

Accounting and Finance IIM Bangalore 

Explore financial insights with IIM Bangalore's edX course, covering statements, cost management, leverage, and tax management at your own pace.

Management Science  IIM Calcutta 

Enhance analytical skills with a six-month course at IIM Calcutta, led by faculty through lectures, videos, simulations, and real-life projects .

Advanced HR Management   IIM Ahmedabad 

Tailored for senior HR professionals, IIM Ahmedabad's Naukri Learning course imparts innovative HR practices, aligning competencies with contemporary HRM research.