5 Classic Indian Mythology Stories Every Child Should Know 

Shiva, furious, beheads Ganesha guarding Parvati. Later, to appease Parvati, Shiva replaces the head with an elephant's and grants him power to remove obstacles. A lesson on anger's consequences and the power of making amends. 

Elephant-headed Ganeshaji

To save Lakshmana, Hanuman flies to the Himalayas. Unable to find the specific herb, he carries the entire mountain back, showcasing his unwavering devotion and selfless act. 

Hanumanji bringing Sanjeevani Mountain

Curious Krishna eats mud, reminding his scolding mother that all life depends on Mother Earth. This story sparks curiosity about nature and teaches respect for the environment. 

Krishna Eats Mud 

In a race against his brother, wise Ganesha circles his parents, winning through respect, not speed. This tale teaches the importance of honoring one's parents and emphasizes using wisdom over brute force. 

Ganesha vs. Kartikeya Race 

When a storm threatens his people, the brave Krishna lifts Mount Goverdhan to shield them. This tale showcases Krishna's immense bravery and his unwavering commitment to protecting his community. 

Krishna Lifts Goverdhan Mountain