5 Growth Mindset Books to Spark a Love of Learning 

Vashti overcomes her fear of mistakes with a little encouragement, inspiring kids to embrace challenges. 

The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds (1993) 

Winner of the Caldecott Medal, this book celebrates the power of "yet" and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. 

"Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds (2013) 

Mistakes become stepping stones to creativity in this whimsical story that teaches kids to learn from their errors. 

"Beautiful Oops!" by Barney Saltzberg (2010) 

This playful story shows how striving for perfection can hold you back, encouraging kids to embrace the learning process. 

"The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein (2011) 

This playful story teaches kids their brains are like muscles that grow stronger with effort 

""Your Fantastic Elastic Brain" by JoAnn Deak (2018)