5 Marketing Jargon Terms Everyone Should Know 

Marketing is a language all its own. Filled with jargon, buzzwords, and acronyms, it can be tough to keep up if you're not an insider. So, whether you're a student ,curious consumer, a budding entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to be able to hold their own in a conversation about marketing,

Gorilla Marketing  

Think wild, unexpected things like flash mobs or crazy stunts to grab attention on a shoestring budget.

It's not about pushing customers down a sales funnel. It's about happy customers recommending you to their friends, creating a positive loop that keeps your business spinning (like a flywheel!).

Marketing Myopia 

Don't be short-sighted! Don't just focus on quick sales, build a strong brand for long-term success. Think like a farmer who takes care of the soil today to grow strong crops tomorrow.


Everything should work together! From emails to store visits, make it all flow smoothly for customers. Imagine a coffee shop recommending drinks right when you walk by – seamless and helpful.


Forget big celebrities! These smaller guys have dedicated fans who trust their recommendations, like friends sharing their favorite spots. Their genuine word gets you real customers interested.