CBSE Biannual Board Exam: Launches 2025

Starting 2024-25, Class 10 and 12 students can opt for biannual board exams, moving away from the traditional single-exam structure for increased flexibility and reduced academic pressure. 

Twice the Chances to Excel 

Students will have two opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum, reducing the pressure associated with a single exam. 

Alignment with NEP 2020 

The biannual format aligns with the National Education Policy's focus on holistic development, skill-based learning, and reducing exam stress. 

Holistic Evaluation 

The final results and merit lists will be determined by the best score from both exam sessions, providing a more comprehensive assessment of a student's capabilities. 

Personalized Learning 

The flexibility allows students to choose the exam session that best aligns with their preparation timeline and learning pace. 

Stress Reduction 

By spreading out the testing opportunities, CBSE aims to alleviate the pre-exam anxiety that often hinders student performance. 

First Timers in 2025 

The inaugural batch of students to experience the biannual format will begin their Class 10 and 12 journeys in the 2024-25 academic year.