CEED vs. UCEED  Decoding Design Entrance Exam

by Tanu Bhatnagar

Purpose  Undergraduate vs. Graduate

UCEED leads to B.Des. at IITs, welcoming diverse streams. CEED, for graduates, qualifies for M.Des. programs, demanding deep design understanding. 

Eligibility Broad vs. Specialized 

UCEED opens to Class XII grads, prioritizing aptitude. CEED demands a four-year design-related undergrad degree.

Syllabus Comprehensive vs.Focused 

UCEED spans creativity to reasoning, testing diverse aptitudes. CEED hones in on design principles, tailored for specialization. 

Difficulty  General vs. Specialized 

UCEED challenges broadly, perceived slightly tougher. CEED, for design grads, offers a more specialized evaluation.