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Reality: CAs are financial experts, analyzing, planning, auditing, and consulting. Communication skills are key. 

Chartered Accountancy is All About Number

Reality: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are crucial, not just math expertise. Diverse backgrounds are welcome. 

Only Math Students Need Apply

Reality: The CA journey starts after 10+2 with ICAI. Commerce background is not mandatory. 

Graduate Degree Required

Reality: Taxation is a part, but not the whole story .CAs advise on finance, investments, risk management, legal compliance, and delve into various accounting fields. 

It's All About Income Tax 

Reality: Hard work, perseverance, and willingness to learn matter more. The CA exam tests application, not just intelligence. 

Above-average Intelligence Needed 

Reality: Anyone with the qualifications and aptitude can pursue the CA course. The curriculum caters to diverse backgrounds. 

CA Course is for Commerce Students Only 

Reality: The CA program takes 4-5 years, comparable to other professional courses. ICAI equips you for diverse opportunities. 

Years of Education Necessary