Dr. Vikas Divyakirti's Inspiring Journey

From UPSC Topper to Digital Education Guru

" If there's a desire to see, then let the eyes manifest "

Born in 1973 in Haryana, Dr. Divyakirti's love for learning led him to a BA in Hindi from Delhi University, followed by Masters and PhD in Hindi Literature

In 1996, he conquered UPSC with AIR 384, later founding Drishti IAS in 1999 as a mentor for UPSC aspirants .

Drishti IAS's YouTube channel, with over 11 million subscribers, showcases Dr. Divyakirti's engaging lectures and insightful approach, redefining education. 

His viral videos on UPSC prep, motivation, and philosophy resonate widely, propelling him to online fame and inspiring aspirants across India. 

Dr. Divyakirti's wisdom extends beyond UPSC, captivating a broader audience with spirituality, self-improvement, and relatable anecdotes.

Actively engaging on social media, live sessions, Q&A interactions, and strategic use of memes create a dynamic learning ecosystem.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti: A Trailblazer in UPSC Success and Digital Education