Executive MBA (EMBA)

All You Need to Know 

by Tanu Bhatnagar

Supercharge your career with advanced business management skills, leadership development, and a robust professional network 

Who Should Consider EMBA?  

Aspiring entrepreneurs, career-stalled corporate managers, and seasoned professionals with over 5 years of experience seeking to enhance their leadership qualities

Right Time to Pursue EMBA  

The opportune time  is when your career seems stagnant, after accumulating 4-5 years of experience, and during high demand  

Types of EMBA Programs 

Part-time  EMBA: Classes on evenings and weekends, spans 2-3 years  Executive Weekend EMBA: Monthly classes over 2 years Online EMBA: Study from anywhere, anytime Global  EMBA: Study at multiple campuses worldwide

EMBA vs. MBA Key Differences 

Admissions: EMBA requires work experience Curriculum: EMBA focuses on leadership, MBA broader Format: EMBA suits working professionals