Indian Higher Education UGC Chairman Unveils IGNOU’s FYUP  

On January 10, 2024, UGC Chairman Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar unveiled the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) at IGNOU, signaling a monumental shift in Indian education.

Key Features & Enrollments

Considered a significant reform, IGNOU's FYUP offers students unprecedented flexibility. Whether seamlessly integrating FYUP courses or pursuing concurrent undergraduate degrees, the program caters to diverse academic interests globally.

Courses Offered 

FYUP at IGNOU presents a rich tapestry of academic choices. From BCOMF to Journalism and Digital Media, students have a plethora of disciplines to shape their educational journey.

Online/SWAYAM Integration

FYUP extends its reach through online platforms like SWAYAM, providing students access to quality education materials. SWAYAM hosts various IGNOU courses, fostering an enriched learning experience. 

Implementation under NEP 2020 

Aligned with NEP 2020, FYUP introduces a structured credit system, offering students the flexibility to opt for three or four-year honors programs. This statistical shift signifies a move towards a nuanced and dynamic higher education landscape.

Flexibility in Learning Paths 

FYUP's adaptability allows students to effortlessly incorporate courses or pursue alternative undergraduate degrees, empowering them to tailor their education to unique interests and goals.