Is Online Degrees valid for Government Jobs in India 

bby Tanu Bhatnagar

Myth 1  Accreditations

Online degrees are equivalent in their accredited status, showing that they hold the same recognition as traditional degrees 

Myth 2  Credibility in Job Market

Reputable online and distance learning programs adhere to UGC and DEB standards, offering valuable credentials in the job market 

Myth 3  Limitation to Business Fields 

Online degrees span various fields beyond business, including psychology, IT, and more, dispelling the misconception of their limited scope 

Myth 4  Lack of Practical Skill

Employers prioritize skills and competencies over degree format, recognizing the value of online education

Myth 5  Employer Preference

In the realm of government jobs, employers prioritize skills and experience over traditional degrees, thus establishing the equivalency of validated online degrees