Level Up Your Studies: Benefits of Internships for Undergrad

Apply your knowledge to real projects, honing coding, communication, or marketing skills. Employers value internships for evaluating potential hires - 80%, NACE

Skill Sharpening Bootcamp  

Build relationships with mentors, make connections, and gain industry insights. Heads up: 60% of internships turn into full-time offers after graduation - TheMuse

Network Like a Pro 

Showcase initiative, relevant skills, and commitment to your professional growth. Did you know? Interns are twice as likely to land jobs after graduation - TOPS.

Supercharge Your Resume 

Test-drive different fields to discover your passion and strengths. Over 50% of interns clarify career goals through internships - NACE 

Find Your Career Path 

Many internships offer stipends for financial support. Average US internship stipend: $17.50/hour - Glassdoor 

Earn While You Learn (Bonus!)