Mahatma Gandhiji's 5 Core Principles for Modern Education 

by Tanu Bhatnagar

1. Non-Violence (Ahimsa): – Gandhi's commitment to non-violence guides educators. – Schools embrace conflict resolution and teach empathy.

2. Truth and Honesty (Satya): – Gandhi's emphasis on truth remains relevant amid misinformation. – Institutions prioritize academic integrity.

3.  Self-Discipline (Brahmacharya): – Gandhi's self-discipline fosters personal growth. – Schools promote self-control and goal setting.

4. Non-Possession (Aparigraha): – Gandhi's non-possession encourages simplicity. – Education shifts focus from materialism to knowledge.

5. Equal Respect for All Religions (Sarva-Dharma-Samanatva): – Gandhi's message promotes religious tolerance. – Schools emphasize shared values among faith.