NET VS. SET EXAMS IN INDIA : Choosing the Right Path

NET, conducted by the NTA, assesses candidates for Assistant Professor and JRF positions across India. SET, administered by individual states, solely qualifies candidates for Assistant Professor roles within those specific states. 

National vs. State Focus  

NET is held twice a year, offering more attempts. SET is typically conducted once annually per state. 

Exam Frequency  

NET uses English and Hindi, catering to a wider audience. SET offers question papers in English and state-specific languages for better accessibility. 


NET maintains a consistent syllabus across India. SET has a tailored syllabus for each state, addressing regional educational needs. 


NET has stricter criteria, including minimum marks and age limit for JRF. SET offers more flexibility with varying requirements across states. 


NET comprises two papers assessing teaching aptitude, subject knowledge, and research ability. SET features two papers evaluating reasoning, comprehension, and subject-specific knowledge. 

Exam Pattern 

NET opens doors to national teaching and research positions. SET qualifies candidates for Assistant Professor roles within the state they clear the exam in. 

Career Scope 

Consider your career goals. NET offers broader opportunities and research prospects, while SET provides stability and regional focus. 

Choosing the Right Path