Pomodoro Technique  Exam Success Through Effective Study

Named after the Italian word for "tomato."   Time-management method breaks down your study sessions into focused intervals (pomodoros) followed by short breaks, helping you maintain concentration and avoid burnout. 

The Science Behind It 

· Your brain loves short, focused bursts of work. · Pomodoro prevents feeling too tired and helps you do better overall.

How it works:

– Pick a task. – Set a timer (your phone works!). – Go laser-focused for 25 minutes. No  distractions! – Reward yourself with a 5-minute break. – Repeat 4 times, then take a longer   break.

Why its Works?

Eliminate procrastination . – Boosts focus and memory – Increases productivity and reduces   stress.

Tips for success

– Find your quiet place. – Maintain interval lengths . – Track your progress and celebrate! – Grab a study buddy for extra motivation.