Relief for FMGs: NMC cuts internship period  to one year

In a clarification to its previous notice, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has said that students who have compensated classes in physical mode in place of online classes and passed an exam equivalent to MBBS in India. 

The decision comes as a relief to the Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) who were disappointed with the three-year internship rule. Recently, the commission refused to accept compensatory certificates for online classes 

In continuation to the Public Notice of even number dated 07th June, 2024, it is clarified that all students who have sufficiently compensated classes in physical onsite in lieu of the online classes and subsequently passed examination equivalent to MBBS in India 

Following the previous announcement, several FMGs protested in front of the NMC notice against the new policy and demanded withdrawal of the NMC notice citing delay in the process and financial and emotional strain due to the extended period.