Startup Mahakumbh Event 2024: India will have upper hand in AI, says PM Modi

At a time when the Centre has brought in initiatives and policies to foster artificial intelligence-related technologies and infrastructure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India will have an upper hand in AI. 

Speaking at the last day of Startup Mahakumbh in Bharat Mandapam on Wednesday, PM Modi said, “Now, we are in an era which is associated with new technologies like AI. Our job is not to let the opportunity go." 

The Prime Minister said that he takes a lot of help of AI in his work. “During election campaigns, when there is language restrictions, I am spreading my word through Tamil, Telugu (with the help of AI). 

Earlier in March, the Union Cabinet had approved an over Rs 12,000-crore plan to drive AI computing in India. Under the plan, the government will also establish a non personal data platform, which can be leveraged by startups and Indian entrepreneurs.