The top 5 educative states in India were determined based on various parameters such as literacy rate, quality of education, infrastructure, and government initiatives to promote education. 

Kerala consistently ranks high in terms of literacy rate and quality of education. The state government’s focus on education and high literacy rate among its population contribute to its top position. 

1. Kerala

The national capital region has witnessed significant growth in its education sector, with a high concentration of top-notch educational institutions and government initiatives to promote education. 

2. Delhi

Tamil Nadu is renowned for its strong emphasis on education and boasts a high literacy rate. Tamil Nadu has also some of the best colleges in the state.   

3. Tamil Nadu

With its picturesque landscapes and focus on education, Himachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the most educative states. 

4. Himachal Pradesh

Maharashtra’s education system is known for its diversity and quality. Maharashtra has earned it a spot among the top 5 educative states in India. 

5. Maharashtra