5 Youngest Achievers in India's Civil Services 

by Tanu bhatanagar

Ansar Shaikh: Consistent Perseverance

 Hailing from Jalna, Ansar Shaikh became India's      youngest IAS officer at 21, a testament to his unwavering perseverance

Tina Dabi: Structured Planning and Time Management

Achieved success at 22, highlighting the importance of structured planning and efficient time management for UPSC aspirants

Pradeep Singh: Resourcefulness and Self-Motivation

Rising from a Haryana village, his journey  emphasizes resourcefulness and self-motivation, offering hope to those with limited resource

Simi Kiran: Quality Coaching and Determination

Historic success at 22 in Hyderabad underscores the significance of quality coaching and determination, particularly for aspiring young women. 

Smita Sabharwal: Diligent Self-Study and Strategic Resource

Hailing from Delhi, his journey to UPSC success at  22 demonstrates that diligent self-study and strategic online resources  can lead to the coveted goal