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Amity University-[AU], Noida ONLINE

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • 2005
  • Amity University

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Amity University Online, India's pioneering UGC-approved online institution, provides a comprehensive array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs across diverse disciplines. They are dedicated to cultivating a transformative digital learning environment that empowers students with educational accessibility from anywhere, echoing Amity's vision of nation-building through education. As India's inaugural UGC-recognized university to offer online degree, diploma, and certification programs, they prioritize career-focused education tailored for working professionals. This futuristic learning experience unfolds on their renowned Learning Management System (LMS), complemented by interactive features like face-to-face interactions, live sessions, webinars, video lectures, and personalized one-on-one faculty consultations. Their instructional team comprises over 6000 distinguished corporate experts and faculty members.

Amity University Online is deeply committed to delivering a high-calibre, cost-effective, and adaptable education that effectively equips students for triumphant careers. Their programs are meticulously crafted to align with industry demands, ensuring relevance in the contemporary job market. Learning resources encompass interactive lectures, online tutorials, and dynamic discussion forums. Additionally, students benefit from the unwavering support and guidance of a dedicated team of academic advisors throughout their academic journey.

Diversity characterizes the student body at Amity University Online, attracting learners from across India and around the globe. Their unwavering commitment extends to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of all students.


  • E-Classroom

Highlights of Amity University-[AU], Noida ONLINE

Name Amity University-[AU], Noida ONLINE
Year of Establishment 2005
Type Private
Exam Frequency Deemed to be University
Approvals & Recognitions UGC, AICTE, AIU, ACU, HRD, DISR
Courses Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Contact Details 18001023434

Why Choose Amity University Online?

  1. Decades of Experience: With over 27 years of experience in online education, Amity University Online is a pioneer in the field and has a proven track record of success.

  2. Industry-Relevant Programs: Their programs are designed to be industry-oriented and responsive to current job market demands. Strong industry connections provide students with internship and placement opportunities, giving them a competitive edge in their careers.

  3. High-Quality Education: Amity University Online's programs are delivered by experienced and qualified faculty, with curricula designed to meet the highest academic standards. Accredited by UGC, NAAC, and NIRF, they uphold rigorous academic quality.

  4. Affordable Tuition: Competitive tuition fees and a range of scholarships and financial aid options make quality education accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

  5. Flexible Learning: Online programs at Amity University Online offer the flexibility to study at one's own pace and convenience, making them ideal for working professionals and those with other commitments.

  6. Global Recognition: Degrees earned at Amity University Online are recognized by employers and educational institutions worldwide, providing graduates the flexibility to work or study anywhere.

Additional Benefits

  • Robust Alumni Network: Amity University Online boasts a strong alumni network of over 3,50,000 students, offering valuable support and guidance throughout one's career.

  • Comprehensive Learning Resources: A variety of learning resources, including interactive lectures, online tutorials, and discussion forums, ensure students have the necessary support for success.

  • Dedicated Academic Advisors: Access to a dedicated team of academic advisors who provide continuous support and guidance.

  • Indian and Global Rankings: Amity University Online ranks among the top 10 online universities in India by reputable ranking agencies such as The Week, Outlook, and Times Higher Education. Globally, it is among the top 500 online universities according to QS World University Rankings.

Amity Online Benefits

Transformative Learning.

Individuals can now apply for this innovative educational experience, AI-Prof. AMI, which is powered by Chat-GPT 4 and Open AI-Driven Technology.

Amity University Online's AI tutor, AI-Prof. AMI, offers learners a cutting-edge, personalized learning experience. This AI platform delivers both live and recorded lectures, enhancing the educational journey. AI-Prof. AMI is designed to address all academic-related questions comprehensively, providing students with 24/7 chat assistance.

Access to Amity University Noida Campus Library:

Students gain access to the extensive collection of books, journals, and valuable resources at the Amity University Noida Campus Library. This library serves as a conducive environment for research and learning, aligning with the institution's commitment to educational excellence.

Audio Books for Enhanced Learning:

Amity University Online recognizes the effectiveness of auditory learning and offers audio books for individuals who prefer learning on the go through immersive audio experiences.

Support from Academic Advisors:

Dedicated academic advisors at Amity University Online guide students throughout their academic journey, offering professional support from academic sessions to the start of their professional careers.

Delivery of Physical Books:

As India's exclusive online university providing physical books, Amity University Online caters to the preference for traditional reading methods, ensuring students have access to classical learning resources.

Amity Campus Metaverse:

Explore limitless opportunities within the Amity Campus through the institution's Metaverse experience, providing an immersive digital environment for exploration.

Global Alumni Network:

With a global alumni network comprising over 250,000 members, students have access to a wide array of online and offline networking opportunities, including virtual events, job advice, and career transition support.

Samagam: On-Campus Orientation Meet:

Amity University Online offers orientation programs like Samagam, fostering strong connections among students, faculty, and peers. This enriching experience encourages holistic growth and development.

Diverse Learning Paths:

Amity University Online provides various learning mediums to accommodate diverse learner preferences, including printed books, audio books, e-books, and videos, enabling students to tailor their education to their unique needs.

Amity University Online remains committed to delivering a transformative learning experience that caters to the evolving requirements of modern learners. Individuals are invited to explore this exceptional educational opportunity and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

Undergraduate Courses:

  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  2. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

  3. BA (Bachelor of Arts)

  4. BA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

  5. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

Postgraduate Courses:

  1. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  2. MBA with Specializations

  3. MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

  4. M.Com (Master of Commerce)

  5. MA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Undergraduate Courses Fee

Undergraduate Courses:

Course Name Specialization Fee Fee Type
B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) Commerce 16,000 Semester
BA (Bachelor of Arts) Arts 16,000 Semester
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) Computer Application 25,000 Semester
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Business Administration 27,000 Semester
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) Journalism and Mass Communication 29,000 Semester

Postgraduate Courses Fee

Postgraduate Courses:

Course Name Specialization Fee Fee Type
MBA (Master of Business Administration) Business Administration 48,750 Semester
MBA with Specializations Business Administration 48,750 Semester
MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Computer Application 42,500 Semester
M.Com (Master of Commerce) Commerce 30,000 Semester
MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) Journalism and Mass Communication 32,500 Semester

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Courses:

To be eligible for undergraduate courses, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Proficiency in English Language:

    • Applicants must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English language.

  2. Academic Qualifications for Students with Indian Education:

    • 10th Class Certificate (Completion of 10 years of formal schooling).

    • 12th Class Certificate (Completion of 12 years of formal schooling).

  3. Academic Qualifications for Students with Foreign Education:

    • O Level Certificate (Completion of 10 years of formal schooling; diplomas will not be accepted).

    • A Level Certificate (Completion of 12 years of formal schooling; diplomas will not be accepted).

    • Certificate of equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities is required for students with foreign education who wish to apply to any university in India. (Refer to for more information).

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Courses:

For Students with Indian Education:

  1. Graduation in any discipline/ specific discipline depending on the PG Courses with a minimum of 40% marks in the last qualifying examination. If a candidate has secured less than 40% marks, they will be required to undergo a qualifying test. Successful completion of this test will make the student eligible for admission.

  2. Proficiency in the English Language: Applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English language.

For Students with Foreign Education:

  1. Completion of a Graduation Degree from a recognized institution.

  2. Certificate of Equivalence: Candidates with foreign education backgrounds must obtain a certificate of equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) to apply for admission to any university in India. (For reference, please visit

Amity University Online Admission Process:

Amity Online University conducts admissions twice a year, offering two admission cycles:

The first admission cycle spans from January 1st to February 28th/29th.

The second admission cycle runs from July 1st to August 31st.

The entire admission process, from registration to confirmation, is conducted online, and there is no entrance exam requirement for admission to the university.

The admission procedure for online courses at Amity University Online in 2023 is outlined as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official Amity Online website. (Please note that there are separate websites for online and on-campus programs.)

Step 2: Click on the "Apply Now" tab located in the top right corner of the website.

Step 3: Begin by providing your basic personal and academic details, followed by information about your employment history (if applicable).

Step 4: Upload all the necessary documents to establish your eligibility, including your recent, colored passport-size photo.

Step 5: Submit the completed application form and proceed to make the required application fee payment.

Once your application is received, reviewed, and your documents are verified, the university will communicate your enrollment status and provide further instructions through email.

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