Archaeology course in India: Know All The Great Information About It

Archaeology course in India is about studying the subject ‘archaeology’ at various levels in the educational institutions.

The subject is a very interesting one and is favorite with those who are passionate about history.

It is for those who are interested strongly in knowing about the rich past and analyze it in-depth.

History is nothing but information about our rich past and Archaeology is about scientifically investigating the glorious past and coming up with the facts.

Archaeology course in IndiaThe allied subject for Archaeology is History. History is about the recording the happenings in the past.

Archaeology is about investigating the past using scientific methods and arriving at definitive conclusions.

There are artefacts like coins, pottery, sculpture and Archaeology studies them using scientific methods and tries to find out the information about the past.

There is another side to the subject of Archaeology. The knowledge in this subject is used to verify the authenticity with regards to claims of antiquity of any artefacts.

Archaeology course in India
Archaeology course in India is offered at various levels. Students can study the course at undergraduate level, postgraduate level and doctorate level.

Enthusiasts of the subject can go for certificate and diploma courses as well. Various topics of Archaeology are offered as certificate or diploma courses.

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Archaeology course in IndiaArchaeology course in India VS Archaeology as a profession

Archaeology as a profession is all about using the respective scientific knowledge and investigating various reminiscences of the past. It is nothing but the professional use of the subject knowledge.

Archaeology course in India is about studying the subject of Archaeology academically in colleges or universities either at graduate level or postgraduate level.

It is also about studying Archaeology or any of its topics at certificate or diploma level.

Archaeology course in India-2

Archaeology course in India is available at undergraduate level as BA Archaeology and the same subject at postgraduate level is offered as MA Archaeology.

Archaeology course in India is offered by Arts and Humanities unit of colleges or universities in India. Certain educational institutions may offer the subject in combination with other allied subjects.

Archaeology course in India in combination with other subjects are offered as BA Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, MA in History and Archaeology.

Students can visit the websites of institutions offering Arts and Humanities courses and find out more details about the course. A few colleges or universities even offer doctorate programmes in Archaeology.

The duration of the undergraduate Archaeology course in India is of three years, the postgraduate programme is of two years. The duration of a diploma or certificate courses may range from 12 to 15 months

Archaeology course in IndiaCertificate
Archaeology course in India is available at even at certificate or diploma level also. However, such courses cover only about one or two sub topics of Archaeology.

Archaeology course in India at diploma, certificate courses is available like Certificate Course in Epigraphy, Advanced Diploma in Epigraphy, Diploma in Architecture, Certificate in Archaeology, Certificate Course in Architecture and Sculpture, Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology.

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Point to remember
Archaeology course in India varies from one educational institution to the other. A few institutions may offer it as undergraduate level only. Couple of others may offer it at graduation and postgraduation.

Students can visit the websites of the institutions or in person to know more information before deciding to apply for the course.

Archaeology course in IndiaEligibility

Students willing to study Archaeology course in India at undergraduate level have to pass plus-two from a recognised institution in any stream.

Candidates aspiring to study Archaeology course in India at postgraduate level must have passed Archaeology at undergraduate level.

A couple of institutions even allow students who have passed History or any other discipline at undergraduate level to apply for studying Archaeology at postgraduate level.

Archaeology course in IndiaCertificate
Students willing to do certificate, diploma level courses in Archaeology have to usually pass plus-two exams in any stream from a recognized institution. A few institutions may even allow individuals who have passed Archaeology or History at graduate or postgraduate level also to take up the programmes.

All the doctorate programme applicants must have passed Archaeology at postgraduate level. Even students who have passed History at postgraduate level are likely allowed to apply for a doctorate in certain institutions.

Point to remember
Certain institutions may insist on applicants passing the qualifying exam with certain pass percentage. In such cases, students have to ensure they have the required pass percentage in the qualifying exam.

Archaeology course in IndiaAdmission process
The procedure for admitting students into Archaeology course in India is of two types – merit based and entrance test based. Students can choose any one of these based on their convenience.

Merit based
This system is a process where students are provided admission into Archaeology course in India based on their performance in the qualifying exam. The qualifying exam depends on the level of the course a candidate is trying to apply.

If the candidate is applying to study undergraduate Archaeology course in India, the qualification is usually a pass in plus-two. The same for applying to study at postgraduation is a pass in undergraduation.

Students applying for a doctorate have to pass the relevant discipline or an allied discipline at postgraduate level. The students will be provided admission based on their marks in the qualifying exam, availability of seats and existing demand.

Archaeology course in IndiaEntrance exam or Interviews
Certain colleges or universities admit students based on entrance tests. Students seeking admission into Archaeology course in India have to pass these written tests with required score before they move to the next stage of admission.

Couple of other institutions may even offer admission based on interviews. The interviews would analyse the aptitude of the candidate, his or her interest for the subject before providing admission.

Admission to diploma courses
Admission to diploma courses are done directly. However, students have to remember that the admission for diploma courses or certificate courses may depend on the number of seats available.

In such cases, seats may be offered on first-come- first-serve basis and under these circumstances, candidates have to apply as early as possible after the announcements have been made.

Archaeology course in IndiaSpecialisations in Archaeology
Archaeology is one big subject and has lot of specialisations. Students who are interested in specific areas of Archeaology can consider specialising in that particular field.

The specialisations available in Archaeology are given below:

$ Ethno Archeaology

$ Environmental Archaeology

$ Battlefield Archaeology

$ Archaeozoology

$ Experimental Archaeology

$ Urban Archaeology

$ Marine Archaeology

$ Archaeobotany

$ Geoarchaeology

$ Numismatics

$ Epigraphy

Point to remember
Not all the specialisations may be available in India. Students willing to take up specialisation in certain courses related to Archaeology may have to even go abroad.

Archaeology course in IndiaArchaeology syllabus
The question is also about the subjects that are covered in Archaeology course in India. Students who join Archaeology course in India learn lessons that are given below:

$ Ancient History

$ Culture and Archaeology

$ Classic Antiquity

$ Museology

$ Structural Conservation of Monuments

$ Epigraphy and Numismatics

$ Chemical Preservation of Monuments and Antiquities

$ Classic Antiquity

$ Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India

$ Ancient Art, Architecture and Culture of India

$ History and Post Classical History of India

$ Prehistory

$ History and Archaeology of the states

Point to remember
The subjects taught in Archaeology course in India that are mentioned above are general in nature and are broadly the same across the country. Lessons related to local state history, culture and archaeology may differ from one state to another.

Owing to the differences in the local histories of the states, the lessons related to local state history and archaeology may vary. Lessons related to Archaeology and History of India are usually the same.

Students of Archaeology course in India may see differences in chapters related to local (regional) history, culture and archaeology.

Archaeology course in IndiaInstitutions offering the course
Some of the institutions offering Archaeology course in India are given below:

$ University of Madras
The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology here offers MA in Ancient History and Archaeology. Even MPhil and PhD courses are also offered here.

$ Centre for Heritage Studies
This is located at Hill Palace in Thripunithura in Ernakulam District of Kerala. The centre offers Post graduate and diploma courses in the field of archaeology, museum related studios and conservation of archives.

$ Maharaja’s College
The Department of Ancient History, Archaeology and Museology offers undergraduate course in Archaeology. The programme is offered as BA(History, Economics, Archaeology and Museology). The institution is located in Mysore and it also offers PhD programmes in Ancient History & Archaeology & Museology.

Archaeology course in IndiaPoint to remember
The institutions mentioned above are only a few, there are many other institutions that offer Archaeology course in India. The details about them can be obtained online.

Job prospects and pay packages
There are various jobs that students of Archaeology course in India can apply for. They can turn into lecturers (faculty), archaeologists, conservation experts, museologists, curators

Students of Archaeology course in India have to write Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturership exam and pass it required score. This test is conducted by University Grants Commission which is popular as UGC.

Students who pass this exam can either choose to become a research scholar or apply for a teaching post in Archaeology subject in colleges or universities located across India. Initially they become lecturers and as time moves ahead they can become professors.

Archaeology course in IndiaArchaeologists
Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) appoints archaeologists on a national level. The Archaeology Departments of various states governments also appoint archaeologists.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts the procedure to select archaeologists for ASI. The same is likely done by respective State Public Service Commissions to select archaeologists for the State Archaeology Departments.

The recruitment commencement is announced through well known media organisations or on the official websites. Candidates who have the required eligibility conditions can apply soon after the announcements are made.

Conservation experts/Museologists/Curators
National Museums, State Museums or organisations in charge of preservation art, culture and history located across the country employ conservation experts, museologists or curators.

Students who have studied Archaeology course in India can apply for these jobs. The recruitment announcements are made through various modes regularly. Individuals interested in applying for them can keep track of them.

Archaeology course in IndiaPay packages
The salary for the above mentioned positions can start from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per month during the initial phase of the career. A lecturer could start earning around Rs 20,000 per month, similarly, the earning of an archaeologist too could be around Rs 16,000 to Rs 20,000 in the beginning.

Individuals who have completed doctorate and have good skill sets can start with a pay package of Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 per month.

Point to remember
The pay packages mentioned above are general in nature, the exact amounts may vary due to various reasons. Individuals have to keep in mind this factor and then make their own enquiries about the pay prospects.

Archaeology course in IndiaFees
The fees to study Archaeology course in India depends upon the level at which the candidate is willing to study the course. Certificate or diploma course may cost about Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 per annum.

Studying Archaeology course in India at undergraduate level may cost Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh per annum. The same to study the programme at postgraduate level may cost Rs 5,000 to Rs 40,000 per annum.

The fees for pursuing doctorate in Archaeology could range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 80,000 per annum.

Point to remember
Students interested in Archaeology course in India must remember that the fees mentioned above in general in nature and the exact amount may vary due to various reasons.

Students who may opt for hostel accommodation while studying Archaeology course in India may have to pay additional charges on accommodation and food along with study fees.

Individuals can visit the organisations in person and contact the authorities concerned to get exact estimation of the costs.


Archaeology course in India

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