Best Hindi Podcasts In 2023

Best Hindi Podcasts in 2023

Best Hindi Podcasts in 2023

Podcasts are popular for entertainment, education, and inspiration. Hindi podcasts offer a wide range of engaging topics. These Best Hindi Podcasts in 2023 will fascinate students whether you’re looking for personal improvement, current events, or entertaining stories. These Best  Hindi podcasts of 2023 include Happiness, personal development, leadership, current affairs, and Entrepreneurship. Their unique combination of information, inspiration, and practical guidance makes them perfect partners for personal and intellectual progress.

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Listen to these podcasts to be inspired, educated, and entertained in Hindi to achieve your best self.

##3 Idiots

It is a gripping podcast about three engineering students who struggle to achieve their goals. The podcast’s themes of camaraderie, determination, and greatness appeal to students. The podcast shows students’ academic difficulties and expectations through realistic characters. It encourages listeners to persevere despite obstacles and social standards.

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 Best Hindi Podcasts In 2023
Best Hindi Podcasts In 2023

While navigating the rigorous school system, the heroes use uncommon thinking and unique ways. It pushes kids to think beyond the box and discover their genuine skills. 3 Idiots also encourages a good work-life balance, reminding students that success is not simply intellectual but also in finding joy and fulfilment in all aspects of life. It emphasises overall growth and following happiness-inducing interests.
This podcast reminds kids that success is more than academics and cultural expectations. It inspires people to pursue their goals, accept their uniqueness, and persevere.3 Idiots inspires kids to challenge the current quo, improve, and pursue their goals with enthusiasm. It reminds us that success comes with ups and downs, but everything is possible with the correct mentality and self-belief. Listen to this amazing podcast and let 3 Idiots encourage you to be yourself, seek your ambitions, and find your own route to success.

## Wake Up India

RJ Malishka hosts the thought-provoking “Wake Up India” podcast, which discusses current events and social concerns in India. Malishka’s podcast encourages educated and involved debate on society-shaping issues.
RJ Malishka’s engaging and accessible news, comments, and interviews offer significant insights into Indian society. Wake Up India tackles topical and impacting themes including politics, environment, culture, and social justice.
The podcast encourages critical thinking and informed perspectives by sparking meaningful dialogues. It informs and empowers people to make good changes.

 Wake Up India
Wake Up India-RJ Malishka

Wake Up India invites discourse and citizenship reflection via entertaining narratives and in-depth discussions. It promotes social responsibility and a better grasp of future issues and possibilities.
Wake Up India helps listeners grasp India’s intricacies and inspires them to improve the future. It reminds people to keep attentive, informed, and involved.
Wake Up India with RJ Malishka is the best podcast to enlighten, inspire, and empower you to shape India’s future. Stay educated and awake to a better India.

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##Inspiring Indians

It recognises the incredible adventures and achievements of varied Indians. This podcast tells the stories of ordinary people who made a big difference.
Inspiring Indians profile people who overcame obstacles, followed their dreams, and succeeded. The podcast features Indian entrepreneurs, artists, social activists, and scientists. The podcast expertly explores these individuals’ personal and professional lives, revealing their motives, thoughts, and success tactics. “Inspiring Indians” guests motivate listeners by discussing their successes and disappointments.

Inspiring Indians Ankit Kumar
Inspiring Indians-Ankit Kumar

The podcast shows that everyone can succeed with hard work and confidence. “Inspiring Indians” tales show that everyone can make a difference in their industry. This podcast’s diversity of occupations and accomplishments is astonishing. Inspiring Indians showcases India’s great variety and talent via inventions and social change.
Inspiring Indians helps listeners appreciate Indian culture, talent, and accomplishments. They are motivated to think beyond the box and thrive in life. The podcast celebrates accomplishment and stresses persistence, resilience, and hard work. The guests’ stories and perspectives remind listeners that failure is part of success. It inspires students to use failure to improve and never give up on their aspirations. Inspiring Indians are the perfect podcast for inspiration, motivation, and a reminder of our infinite potential. Be inspired by the stories of amazing people who forged their own paths.

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##The Mogul Show

Ranveer Allahbadia hosts “The Mogul Show,” a fascinating podcast on entrepreneurship, business, and marketing. This podcast empowers prospective entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and encouragement.
Ranveer Allahbadia, a successful entrepreneur, presents his knowledge and experience to “The Mogul Show.” He discusses ideation, strategy, execution, and development in entrepreneurship through interesting dialogues, expert interviews, and personal stories.
The Mogul Show is a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. Ranveer’s ability to simplify business topics and offer practical advice makes it approachable to all audiences.

The Mogul Show Ranveer Allahbadia
The Mogul Show -Ranveer Allahbadia

The podcast covers business concepts, marketing, leadership, and personal development. It discusses entrepreneurs’ difficulties and possibilities and offers practical tips for navigating the changing business world.
The Mogul Show presents real-world experiences and case studies. Ranveer recounts the trials, victories, and lessons of great entrepreneurs. These stories inspire future business leaders. The podcast promotes a growth mentality and lifelong learning. Ranveer Allahbadia’s zeal for self-improvement and willingness to share wisdom make “The Mogul Show” an amazing educational resource.
The Mogul Show teaches listeners about entrepreneurship, business, and marketing. It gives students the skills and mentality to start and grow a business. This podcast provides assistance and inspiration for starting a company or growing an existing one. The Mogul Show with Ranveer Allahbadia is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Be motivated, informed, and empowered to pursue your business aspirations.


Akashvani is a compelling BBC World Service podcast in Hindi. Listeners get a range of worldwide news, analysis, and perspectives. The podcast covers foreign topics in-depth, keeping you up to date. “Akashvani” keeps you informed on world events in politics, economics, culture, technology, and more.
The podcast explains complicated world topics in entertaining and educational episodes. It analyses the tales and helps listeners understand the complexities and ramifications of key events and trends impacting our world.
“Akashvani” provides worldwide news and commentary in Hindi, making it more accessible. The podcast makes factual world affairs information accessible to Hindi speakers by adapting the BBC World Service.

Akashvani BBC World
Akashvani -BBC World

“Akashvani” exposes you to other cultures, opinions, and ideas, expanding your worldview. It lets you learn about other countries, their histories, and the global community. The podcast is useful for Hindi-speaking worldwide issue followers. It keeps you informed and encourages critical thinking about world events.
“Akashvani” opens the globe to students, professionals, and interested people. It gives you information and insights to influence your beliefs, extend your perspectives, and become an informed global citizen.
“Akashvani” is an excellent Hindi podcast for global news and analysis. Join the worldwide exploration, understanding, and awareness.


In conclusion,  Best Hindi Podcasts in 2023 offer great information for a variety of hobbies and goals. The top  Hindi podcasts, provide information, motivation, and fun. These podcasts include happiness, self-improvement, leadership, current events, and entrepreneurship. They provide practical advice, inspiring anecdotes, and life-changing techniques.
Podcasts make engaging with intriguing information easy in a time-pressed society. These top 5 Hindi podcasts of 2023 entertain, educate, and inspire, making them necessary for individuals who want to learn, grow, and help others. Listen to these podcasts to find yourself, learn, and be inspired. Immerse yourself in these podcasts’ hosts and guests’ knowledge and tales to achieve personal and professional success. Happy listening!

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