FAST India’s Book Fellowship: Check fellowships who Win Up to ₹10 Lakhs

In a notable stride towards advancing the literary landscape in science, the Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology (FAST India), a distinguished non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting science, has recently announced a groundbreaking initiative. This initiative takes the form of three full fellowships and two partial fellowships, aiming to nurture and support individuals with a fervour for crafting engaging popular science books.

This groundbreaking initiative offers you the chance to turn your passion for science into a compelling narrative. Imagine the thrill of crafting your science story and standing a chance to win up to ₹10 lakhs! Unleash your creativity, delve into diverse themes, and join hands with renowned mentors on a mission to elevate Indian science literature. Let your words spark curiosity and discovery as you explore the endless possibilities of sharing your unique perspective with the world.


User FAST India's Book Fellowship: Write Your Science Story, Win Up to ₹10 Lakhs

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Distinguished Awardees and Their Intriguing Endeavors

FAST India has meticulously chosen five highly regarded individuals for the prestigious India Science Book Fellowship:

1. Ganesh Bagler – An esteemed Associate Professor at IIT Delhi

Book title: “Making Food Computable: The Data-driven Science of Food”

2. Sarthak Parikh & Kush Dhebar (IIT Delhi & Haryana Archaeology Dept.): “Do and Die: A Game of Quantum Cricket”

Book title: “Do and Die: A Game of Quantum Cricket”

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3. Upasana Sarraju – Serving as the Communications Lead at Fish Welfare Initiative

Project: “Nuances in Nonsense: Quirky Science Chronicles from India and the World”

The fellowship encompasses a substantial financial grant of Rs 10 lakhs for full awardees, with the specific amount for partial awardees to be decided separately, ensuring a tailored approach to each project.

4. Laxmi Murthy -Journalist and Researcher

Book Title: When Feminists Met Science: A Chronicle of the Women’s Health Movement in India

5. Avinandan Mukherjee– Freelance Science Writer, The MS University of Baroda

Book Title: Stone Tools: A Brief History

Diversity in Themes and Topics

The call for fellowship witnessed an overwhelming response, attracting 780 registrations and receiving over 350 abstracts from applicants spanning prestigious institutions such as IITs, IISc, Ashoka University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The selected themes exhibit remarkable diversity, ranging from the intriguing intersection of quantum cricket to an exploration of feminism in the context of the women’s health movement in India.

Best Books to Read in 2023
Best Books to Read in 2023

Gateway to Publication and Promotion

Beyond the financial support, fellows will receive invaluable assistance in publishing their manuscripts through collaborative efforts with renowned publishing houses. Furthermore, they are poised to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in book launch events, a strategic move to ensure their work resonates with a wider and more diverse audience.

Vision Behind the Initiative

Varun Aggarwal, co-founder of FAST India, underscores the imperative of placing Indian science and scientists in the public imagination, drawing a parallel with the global impact of Stephen Hawking’s literary contributions. The initiative stands as a concerted effort to elevate the profile of Indian science literature, fostering a greater understanding of intricate scientific concepts among the broader public.

In-depth Insights into India Science Book Fellowship

The fellowship structure boasts a financial grant of Rs 10 lakhs, payable in instalments over one year. Fellows are guaranteed constructive feedback from experts, substantive support in publishing, and promotional opportunities during book launch events.

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Fast India's Book Fellowship

Final Note

FAST India’s India Science Book Fellowship emerges not merely as a financial opportunity but as a comprehensive call to action for science enthusiasts, writers, and communicators to contribute meaningfully to public science understanding. By offering financial support, publishing assistance, and a platform for promotion, the initiative beckons those willing to demystify and celebrate the wonders of science through the art of storytelling. It’s not just a fellowship; it’s an invitation to amplify voices and bridge the gap between scientific intricacies and a diverse audience hungry for knowledge.

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