Gujarat Schools Reopen After 35-Day Summer Break; 2 lakh students switch to government schools

Gujarat: After a 35-day summer break, more than 1.15 crore students return to Gujarat schools today. The break was extended due to intense weather, with schools closed from May 9 to June 12. The state government announces the Shala Pravesh Utsav for June 27-29 to welcome students back.

According to Praful Pansheriya, the minister of state for primary, secondary, adult, and higher education in Gujarat, all public and private schools in the region will resume today. Students in the basic and upper secondary Gujarat schools will return for the 2024–25 academic year following a 35-day summer break.

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Because of the intense weather that affected India’s northern states, the summer break for Gujarat schools was prolonged to June 12. In the state this year, schools were closed from May 9 to June 12. Primary and higher secondary Gujarat schools, both private and public, will resume today, according to MoS Praful Pansheriya, who spoke with the ANI today. Greetings to all of the students from me.

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Over 1.15 Crore Students Return to Classrooms Across 54,000 Gujarat Schools

Additionally, he disclosed that almost two lakh students from private schools have transferred to government schools. He credited “smart class, infrastructure development and the hard work of the teachers” for the rise in enrollment in Gujarati government schools.

More than 1.15 crore kids are reportedly returning to more than 54,000 schools today following their summer break. Regarding this, the state government has declared that on June 27, 28, and 29, Shala Pravesh Utsav will be observed in all schools.

The minister recently revealed to the Indian Express that the state’s 600–700 schools had been forced to close because they lack fire NoCs and building use approvals (BUCs). After a large-scale fire in Rajkot claimed the lives of several children, the decision to close these schools was made.

Through a number of programs, the Gujarati government has been concentrating on raising the standard of instruction in public Gujarat schools. By giving students access to contemporary learning resources and tools, smart classrooms improve the effectiveness and engagement of instruction. Better learning environments are ensured by infrastructural upgrades, and instructors’ dedication is crucial to students’ overall growth.

The Gujarat government wants to guarantee that every student has access to high-quality education regardless of the school they attend by providing them with a solid educational foundation through these upgrades. With the goal of ensuring high-quality education for all students, the rise in government school enrollment in Gujarat is seen favourably as classes resume after the summer break.

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As schools across Gujarat reopen today, over 1.15 crore students eagerly return to their classrooms after a prolonged 35-day summer break. The extension was necessitated by severe weather conditions affecting the northern states of India. The reopening marks the beginning of the 2024–25 academic year for primary and upper-secondary students. With significant improvements in infrastructure and teaching quality, government schools have seen a notable increase in enrollment.

The state government has planned the Shala Pravesh Utsav from June 27 to 29 to celebrate the return of students. However, the closure of 600–700 schools due to safety compliance issues remains a critical concern that the government is addressing to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

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