IGNOU Admissions 2024: Extended ODL till 29 Feb and New FLIP Courses Available

IGNOU Admissions 2024: Extended Deadline & New FLIP Courses Explained

Recently, the well-known Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) pushed back the limit for registering for its Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes for the January 2024 entrance period. This important stretch gives people who want to run for office until February 29, 2024, to finish registering. It happens at the same time as the start of Fixed Learner Intake Programmes (FLIP). This detailed guide is meant to shed light on the complexities of these recent changes. It covers the longer registration process, details about FLIP classes, application fees, and important facts for people who want to become students. Also, read UGC Chairman Launches IGNOU’s Four-Year UG Programmes ( FYUG) for Academic Excellence

Ignou Admissions 2024

Extended Deadline for Registration

Potential students can now register for IGNOU’s Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes until February 29, 2024, which is longer than the usual deadline. This is for the January entry cycle.

The easy-to-use application form submission site is ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in, which is the official website. Before starting the application process, people who are interested in the programme must carefully read over all the information about it, such as who is eligible, how much it costs, and how long it lasts.

By knowing the requirements, candidates can be sure that they meet the requirements for the programmes they want to attend. Familiarizing oneself with the fee systems helps potential students plan their funds and make smart choices about which programme to attend.

Knowing how long a programme lasts helps applicants figure out how much time they will need to complete their chosen classes. Prospective students can make well-informed decisions that are in line with their academic and job goals when they carefully look over programme detail

Ignou Admissions 2024 Extended Odl Till 29 Feb And New Flip Courses Available.....

FLIP (Fixed Learner Intake Programmes) Courses and Registration:

Courses Offered by IGNOU

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health (PGDMCH)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters (PGCMDM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Administration (DNA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine (PGDHIVM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (PGDGM)

Registration Process:

LPU College admission
  • Interested candidates can register for FLIP courses on the dedicated portal provided by IGNOU, ignouflip.samarth.edu.in.
  • FLIP courses serve as specialized avenues for academic pursuit, complementing the traditional Open and Distance Learning (ODL) courses.
  • The registration fee for FLIP courses is Rs 400, reflecting IGNOU’s commitment to affordable and accessible education.
  • FLIP courses cater to diverse interests and career aspirations, ranging from healthcare management to specialized medical fields

Anyone who wants to take FLIP lessons should sign up on ignouflip.samarth.edu.in, which is a website that is only for FLIP programme forms. The application fee for FLIP classes is Rs 400, which shows that IGNOU is dedicated to making education cheap and easy to get to.


Students Checking Online Result

Instructions for Applying and Required Documents

If a student wants to apply to IGNOU’s ODL courses in January 2024, they need to carefully follow some steps. The applicant must send a photograph (less than 100 KB), a name (less than 100 KB), a certificate of experience (less than 200 KB), and, if necessary, a category certificate (less than 200 KB).

Repayment Policy

People who want to apply to IGNOU need to know how to use the school’s payback policy.For people who cancel within 15 days of being confirmed, they will get their course fee back, less Rs 500. This strategy shows that IGNOU is serious about keeping things open and fair when it comes to the money involved in the admissions process.

Final Note

In conclusion, the later application date and the addition of FLIP classes at IGNOU are exciting times for people who want to go to school and want to learn in a variety of ways. As a senior content writer, it’s my job to make sure that the information I give to students is clear, complete, and free of copying. This way, I can make sure that they have all the information they need to have a smooth academic journey. Good luck to everyone who is starting this training journey with IGNOU!

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