IIT Jodhpur set for another year of strong placements

IIT Jodhpur is set for another year of strong placements. This year a total of 40 companies have registered for the placement drive till date with more companies expected in phase two which will be starting from December this year.

Speaking about the placement strategies Dr. Anuj Pal Kapoor, faculty incharge, Career Development Cell at IIT Jodhpur said the students’ performance in the interview performance, along with the support from the faculty and administration at IIT Jodhpur, is a testament to our grit and gumption, which ensured almost 55% placements during the first phase.

IIT JodhpurThe industry-aligned curriculum along with rigor and relevance brought in respective courses across departments at IIT Jodhpur has enabled us to achieve this mark, said Dr. Anuj of IIT Jodhpur.

Some of the companies that offered PPOs at IIT Jodhpur during 2020-21 include DE Shaw, Arcesium, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Gojek, Amazon, Adobe, Codenation, SMS Data Tech, Diverta, Otsuka, Exawizard,Goldman sachs, and Google.

A total of 4 International offers have been made to the IIT Jodhpur students so far. These offers have been made by SMS Data Tech, Diverta, and Otsuka Holding.

Many companies are coming to IIT Jodhpur for the first time this year. These include Google, Graviton Trading, Zomato, Paytm, Deloitte, American Express, IBM, Infenion, Bukukas, Park Plus, Housing.com, Increff, Tata Electronics, and Tide.

Based on the 128 offers made till date, IIT Jodhpur has witnessed a demand for the Software Developer, Business Analyst, Strategic Cloud Engineer, Trade Execution Analyst, Market Analyst, Decision analyst, System Engineer, Validation Engineer, Design Engineer, Product Engineer, Application Engineer, Analog Design Engineer, and Graduate Engineer Trainee.

IIT JodhpurThere has been an increase in the average salary being offered to the B.Tech students as well. As compared to Rs.14.36 LPA during 2020-2021, an average salary of Rs. 24.38 LPA is being offered during this placement drive.

There are some interesting facts with regards IIT Jodhpur placements. The company that recruited the maximum number of students as on 2 November this year are Microsoft, Deloitte, Infotech, Zomato, Housing.com, ZS Associates, and Paytm.

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The international offers received during 2021-22 as on 2 November 2021 are four. The profiles that have seen major hiring as on 2 November 2021 are Computer Science – SDE, Analyst and Consultant profile.

To make the ongoing placement drive a success for its students IIT Jodhpur has collaborated with the industries to train the students. This include:

● Live projects for the students to gain hands-on experience

● Industry interaction series to introduce the students with future opportunities

● Motivating the students to participate in competitions and events hosted by corporates, across platforms

IIT JodhpurApart from this, IIT Jodhpur project-based curriculum is aligned with the industry to make the students future-ready.

About IIT Jodhpur

IIT Jodhpur was established in 2008, to foster technology education and research in India. The institute is committed to technological thought and action to benefit the economic development of India.

Scholarship in teaching and learning; Scholarship in research and creative accomplishments and relevance to industry are three driving forces for us at IIT Jodhpur.

The institution functions from its sprawling residential Permanent Campus of 852 acres on National Highway 65, North-Northwest of Jodhpur towards Nagaur.

This campus is meticulously planned and envisioned to stand as a symbol of academics. A large parcel of the Permanent Campus (of about 182 acres) is set aside for the development of a Technology Park to strengthen institute-industry interactions.

The institute is committed to a multidisciplinary approach of technology development. Hence, it has established state-of-the-art laboratories for basic research and has organized its academic degree activities through Departments and its coordinated research through Centers for Technologies.

IIT JodhpurThe Office of Students serves as a communication channel for various scholarship schemes launched by state and central government bodies. The Office administration intimates, motivates, guides and assists students in applying for any applicable scholarships/financial aid. The Office also performs correspondence between the Institute and Government agencies.

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