11 Most toughest exams in India

Posted by S. Vishnu Sharma on February 9, 2020
Most toughest exams of India

Most toughest exams in India – Exams are the perhaps most toughest moments for any student. A pass or a fail in the test will determine his future prospects, his or her reputation among the family and friends may depend on how well he or she did in the test. The more tough the exam is, greater will be the anxiety levels. Now, the aim of the article is to familiarize the students with some of the exams which are reputed for being the Most toughest exams in India.

Most toughest exams in India

Most toughest exams in India
Most toughest exams in India

List of Most toughest exams in India

#1 UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE)

This tops the list as far as the Most toughest exams of India are concerned. The toughness of this exam is indeed so popular that not many dare to attempt the exam even though they have applied for it. Even if they move ahead with determination, aspirants have to pass the three stages in this exam namely, prelims, mains and interview. This is far from being easy, rate of rejection at all the three stages is very high.

The syllabus one has to read for passing the exam is very vast. Success comes only to those candidates who are not only strong in their academics, but also good in general knowledge and current affairs.

Most toughest exams in India

The aspirants must also be able to find solution to various problems bothering the society with help of strong analytical abilities combined with good communication skill. It is not easy to find these qualities in many of the individuals. That is perhaps why candidates who get selected are only in hundreds while over 10 lakh candidates apply every year for the CSE.

Most toughest exams in India
Most toughest exams in India

#2 JEE Advanced

Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) is the next on the list of the Most toughest exams in India. This is designed to ensure that only candidates with very good IQ levels make an entry into prestigious institutions like IITs and IISCs to study engineering courses. The questions are the most toughest and cracking them is only possible for those candidates who are very well familiar with the subjects.

Much like Civil Services Exam this also has stages. Candidates must pass through JEE Main first which is held twice in a year. A good pass percentage in Mains will only give a chance to take part in JEE Advanced. Many candidates are donot pass the Main in a single attempt as the questions are tough, Advanced level exam has even more tougher questions to face. That is perhaps why the candidates who get admitted into prestigious engineering colleges are just in few thousands while every year number of applicants for JEE Main is over 14 lakhs.

#3 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

This is also one of the exams that is never a smooth sailing affair for the students. A pass in this exam will allow students to study post-graduate engineering courses in IITs, NITs and IIITs, but that is far from being easy as the students who wish to pass it have to pass in GATE. It is here the real test lies as the candidates attending this exam have to study the portion taught in the four year graduate engineering course at the same time. This is no easy thing for all, that is perhaps why not many wish to write the exam.

#4 Common Admission Test (CAT)

This is the test most of the candidates willing to gain admission in the business schools or management educational institutions are familiar with. Though many believe that this exam is not as tough as Civil Services Exam or Joint Entrance Exam, but it is not easy sailing too. Long hours of study, analysis of our preparation levels through regular mock tests is essential to pass the test. The test aims to test the ability of candidates to handle various situations they are likely to encounter as a business heads or managers.

This is done through questions related to Interpretation, Logical Reasoning. Even the language skills are also put to tough test. Which means candidates have to not only be strong with business related issues but also have very high language skills. This is the toughness that perhaps makes CAT see a passout of about 1500 or 2000 candidates when actually about two to five lakh candidates apply for it.

Most toughest exams in India

Most toughest exams in India
Most toughest exams in India

#5 All India Institute of Medical Science Exam (UG)

Studying medical graduate course in All India Institute of Medical Sciences is also not an easy task, thanks to AIIMS exam. A pass in this exam will allow students to study medicine in any one of the seven campuses of AIIMS. The question paper is most difficult and a cracking it requires a good deal of preparation, added to it, the number of seats are also limited while the number of applicants are always more than required.

Questions are tough and the seats are limited which only means only exceptionally high marks can ensure a seat and marks are obtained with good deal of preparation.

#6 National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) (UG)

This exam is a recently introduced one, nevertheless it earned a reputation of being a toughest one soon after its introduction. This exam allows candidates to study graduation in medicine and dental sciences in all colleges located across India. Around 10 lakh candidates attempt this exam every year for over one lakh seats. A good pass percentage in NEET can be obtained only after mastering a huge portions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This study has to be done in less time as the NEET comes soon after the Plus-two or equivalent exams are over.

#7 National Institute of Design Entrance Exam

This exam will allow candidates to study in National Institutes of Design (NID). But the aspirants are allowed to study only after they are thoroughly tested. And, that is why NID Entrance Exam too is the part of elite club of the toughest exams. The first round of the exam will see candidates being tested on various aspects of designing like perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation.

A pass in the first round will allow the students to take part in an interview after which they can gain an entry into the designing colleges. A candidate who is real good innovative ability will get selected, needless to say, not all have this ability.

#8 Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Even this has a reputation of being one of the toughest exam as only those aspirants with a very good knowledge of law will be able to pass it. Only very long preparation ordeal will be able to bestow the candidate this knowledge. A pass in this exam will allow candidates to study law courses in prestigious law colleges or universities across India. BA LLB (Hons), BSc LLB (Hons), BA LLB (Hons) are among the courses aspirants can study in prestigious institutions after passing CLAT.

Most toughest exams in India

Most toughest exams in India
Most toughest exams in India

#9 UGC National Eligibility Test (UGC NET)

Most toughest exams in India – A whole study of respective master’s course syllabus at a stretch will only give a pass in UGC NET exam. Doing this is not easy as studying the two year post-graduate lessons in short duration is not that easy. The number of seats are limited and this makes the matters even more difficult.

A really good pass percentage in the exam will allow the candidates to enter into the posts of assistant lecturers and Junior Researh Fellows (JRF). A good pass percentage can be obtained by taking to systematic study of two year post graduate lessons in a lesser time frame.

#10 National Defence Academy (NDA)

Most toughest exams in India – This is also a part of the elite club of toughest exams in India. A pass in this exam will allow candidates to have a bright career in armed forces. Candidates attending this exam will have prove their knowledge in academic subjects in the first phase.

Candidates will take part in Services Selection Board Interview (SSB Interview) where the candidates have to prove their physical and medical fitness along with their ability to handle general tasks in an effective manner. Very few aspirants will be able to do this.

#11 Chartered Accountancy (CA) Exam

This exam is one of the oldest member in the club of toughest exams as this is historically known for its toughness. It is this reason why not many go for studying CA course in India.

The exam being conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is in three levels namely Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and CA Final Examination. Toughness increases at each level and that is why not many pass all the three levels.

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