OOrja Grand Challenge to boost great innovations and R&D

OOrja Grand Challenge is being organized by IIT Palakkad’s Technology IHub Foundation. The event aims to boost innovations, research and development in energy sector.

The event by IIT Palakkad’s Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) is a pre incubation activity to pave way for innovation in the national and global energy sector.

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OOrja Grand ChallengeAim of Oorja Grand Challenge

Oorja Grand Challenge aims to enable innovators to design and develop intelligent collaborative systems in the energy domain.

Students, Researchers and Entrepreneurs can form teams with the ability to lead fundamental research, product development, industry development and job creation for Indian and global energy sectors.

Prize money and last date
There is more to this OOrja Grand Challenge as far as prize money is concerned. The Prize Money could be up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for designing after shortlisting, up to Rs. 10 lakh for prototyping after design review and up to Rs. 25 lakh for incubation after prototype review.

The application submission for taking part in OOrja Grand Challenge has begun on 10 January this year and the last date to register for the event is 1 March 2022.

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The link to apply for participation in Oorja Grand Challenge is ‘https://tinyurl.com/Oorja-Challenge-registration’

Oorja Grand ChallengeIPTIF
IPTIF which is organising Oorja Grand Challenge is established by IIT Palakkad to enable a vibrant innovation ecosystem and provide a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs, IPTIF is a Section-8 company supported with a Rs. 100 Crore-support from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

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IPTIF focuses on attracting available nationwide potential and harnessing the expertise, thus fostering class research innovation, technology and product development.

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Main goals
The main goals of OOrja Grand Challenge are given below:

Ø Discover and nurture new, innovative, viable, and sustainable technology solutions for significant Energy challenges that are faced by India

Ø Encourage ideas from latent sources and convert them into start-ups

Ø Generate better awareness about entrepreneurship amongst India’s masses and lend a helping hand to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through active media outreach.

Ø Expand the pipeline of potential incubatees

Ø Provide structured mentoring, guidance, prototyping grants, and seed-funding for innovative ideas applying for such programs.

Oorja Grand ChallengeEvaluation criteria
Applications submitted for Oorja Grand Challenge will be evaluated based on:

A. Technology innovation

B. Business model innovation

C. Market addressed

D. Customer feedback

E. Scalability & potential

F. Competitor evaluation & pricing

Dr. Albert Sunny
Highlighting the expected outcomes from ‘IPTIF – Grand Challenges and Competitions,’ Dr. Albert Sunny, Director, IPTIF, and Project Director, Technology Innovation Hub on Intellisgent Collaborative Systems (TIH ICS), said the aim of this national-wide contest OOrja Grand Challenge is to scout for technology solutions in the energy domain.

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These solutions should be safe to use, economical at large scale, with high efficiency. The expected technology solutions include but are not limited to those for energy storage, generation, conversion, and transportation / distribution, he said speaking about Oorja Grand Challenge.

Oorja Grand ChallengeMr. Harilal Bhaskar
Speaking about OOrja Grand Challenge Mr. Harilal Bhaskar, General Manager of IPTIF, said they are also looking at energy generation technologies that are greener (like solar thermal, and wind, among others), with high power/energy density (similar to Nuclear reactors) and are safe to use. (Ex: better nuclear storage/usage, better hydroelectric planning to avoid flooding risks).

IPTIF is also conducting a two month-long Oorja Webinar Series from 11th January to 24th February 2022 on all Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week.

Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the webinars and breakout sessions with the topmost leaders in the energy industry.

Oorja Grand Challenge


IIT Palakkad has established IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation (IPTIF) to facilitate the Technology Innovation Hub on Intelligent Collaborative Systems (TIH-ICS) setup at IIT Palakkad by NM-ICPS coordinated by the DST, Government of India.

TIH-ICS, through IPTIF, plans to attract available nationwide potential and harness expertise, thus fostering class research innovation, technology, and product development.

IPTIF also plans to build linkages with research institutes and labs in and out of India. One of its primary goals is to work in close collaboration with the industry to deliver commercial technology and products and build a vibrant innovation ecosystem through a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Modelling, analysis, control, devices, networks, robotics, data, and simulations are all building blocks of CPS technologies.

It focuses on Intelligent collaboration (or Merger) of these to propel application of high priority in the CPS National Mission. These applications include, though are not limited to, agriculture, healthcare, cyber security/privacy, industrial operations, transportation, surveillance, and communication.

Oorja Grand Challenge

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