Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission regn on till 17 Nov 23, apply link here

Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission application submission is on till 17 November 2023. Registration can be done at the official website of the institution ‘’

Students who wish to delve deeper into their academic subjects can apply for pursuing doctorate in this institution. Doctorate is being offered in Engineering, Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Physics and Interdisciplinary Research.

Shiv Nadar University PhD AdmissionShiv Nadar University PhD Admission is for January 2024 session. It is offered on full-time and part-time basis. Graduates from engineering disciplines can also apply for Direct PhD in Engineering.


Application submission for Shiv Nadar PhD Admission 2023 started on 1 October 2023 and the last date to register is 17 November 2023.

Written test and interview in connection with Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission 2023 will be conducted on 24 November 2023.

Shortlisted candidates’ list will be out on 2 December 2023. The course will start from 3 January 2024 onwards.

Topics for doctorate

Candidates can apply through Shiv Nadar University PhD to pursue doctorate in subjects mentioned below:

Computer Science and Engineering
·         Accelerated Computing for Radiogenomics

·         Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

·         Clinical database

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·         Cloud and Distributed systems

·         Cloud Computing and Edge Computing

·         Cognitive Neuroscience

·         Cognitive Reinforcement Models

·         Compiler design and natural language processing

·         Computational Intelligence

·         Computer Vision

·         Cyber Physical Systems

·         Cyber security

·         Data Science

·         Design and analysis of algorithms

·         Digital System Design

·         Disorder studies

·         Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures for Cognitive Computing

·         Fibreoptics and Silicon Photonics

·         Graph theory and its applications

·         High-Performance Computing

·         Image processing

·         Internet of Things

·         Internet of things and Block Chain Technology

·         IP lookup algorithms and packet classifications

·         Machine Learning & Deep Learning Techniques

·         Medical Image Processing

·         Networks

·         Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)

·         Optimization Methodologies

·         Software Defined Networking

·         Sound Computing

·         Speech Signal Processing

·         Speech technology

·         Video processing

·         Wireless sensor networks


Civil Engineering
·         FRP Concrete composites

·         Steel-concrete composites

·         Cold-formed Steel

·         Monitoring and retrofitting of structure


Shiv Nadar University PhD AdmissionEconomics
·         Applied Microeconomics

·         Development Economics

·         Dyslexia

·         Poverty and Inequality

·         Labor Economics

·         Public Finance and Policy

·         Rural Finance


·         Acoustic metamaterials

·         Crystal Growth

·         Electronic Materials

·         Fiber optics and  MEMS

·         Fluorescence Spectroscopy

·         Light Emitting Diodes

·         Materials Science

·         Piezoelectric Ceramics and Sensors

·         Quantum Dots

·         Sensors and Silicon Photonics

·         Sensors for energy and the environment

·         Wearable Technologies and Intelligent Embedded Systems


·         Graph Theory

·         Graph Theory and its Applications

·         Fuzzy Theory and Applications

·         Fuzzy Graph Theory

·         Reliability

·         Stability Analysis of Dynamical Systems

·         Chaos Synchronization


·         Language policy, promotion of linguistic diversity, and preservation of endangered languages

·         Postcolonial and other literatures

·         Teacher education and continuing professional education

·         Technology in language education

·         Reading literary texts using different criticism techniques

·         Materials, Methods and Assessment in Language Education


·         Behavioral Finance

·         Corporate Governance

·         Corporate Social Responsibility

·         Embedded Banking

·         Environmental Compliances

·         Financial Data Analytics

·         Financial Inclusion

·         Financial Markets

·         Investment Management

·         Sustainable and Green Finance


Shiv Nadar University PhD AdmissionWho can apply for Shiv Nadar PhD Admission?

Candidates should have completed their masters in the discipline in which they wish to pursue doctorate.

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The qualifying exam must be passed from a recognized educational institution. Detailed information is provided below:

Full time PhD program

Candidates willing to apply for this program through the Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission must be:

# Those who have cleared the eligibility criteria and directly applying for Ph.D.

# Those are in employment, who want to pursue full-time study, should be sponsored by their employer.

They should avail leave for the minimum duration of the program as prescribed by the research regulations and should get formally relieved from their duty to join the research program.

# Those who are sponsored by AICTE under Quality Improvement program for teachers at other colleges and who satisfy the eligibility conditions, specializations as notified in the AICTE guidelines and is offered by the University.

# Those who are selected at national-level fellowship programs or by any recognized bodies.

# Foreign-nationals sponsored by the government of India or their respective government on any exchange programs.

Part time PhD program

Candidates willing to apply for this program through the Shiv Nadar PhD Admission must be:

# Candidates who work as full time teaching faculty of self-financing colleges, Government aided colleges or any other Government recognized educational institutions.

# Candidates who work in Industrial Units/R&D Departments/National Laboratories/ Units of Government/Quasi-Government or any other research laboratories within India, that are recognized by the university to do research with the university and are sponsored by the respective employer.

Direct PhD in Engineering

Candidates willing to apply for this program through the Shiv Nadar PhD Admission must be:

# Bachelor degree holders with a keen sense of scientific enquiry for pursuing advanced research in frontier areas of Computer Science and Engineering and interdisciplinary areas leading to a Direct Ph.D.

It shall allow exceptionally talented students to save nearly a year compared to those who go for a two-year Masters degree program followed by a Ph.D. program.

The program encourages the student to gain more credits in key course works of interest.

Educational qualifications

The educational qualifications to apply for doctorate in different subjects through this Shiv Nadar University PhD admission are mentioned below in a tabular format for the sake of the students:


Ph.D. In Computer Science and Engineering / Civil Engineering



Masters degree in Engineering / Technology / M.S.[By Research] in the relevant discipline of Computer Science and Engineering / Civil Engineering with a minimum of 60% marks / CGPA 6.5 on a 10 point scale.


Ph.D. In Economics / Physics / Mathematics /  English


Masters degree in the relevant discipline with a minimum of 60% marks / CGPA 6.5 on a 10 point scale.


Ph.D. In Commerce




1.         Masters degree in Commerce or related field with a minimum of 60% marks / CGPA 6.5 on a 10 point scale.

2.       BCom + CA/CMA


Direct Ph.D. In Engineering The applicants should have completed their UG programme in Engineering / Technology in the relevant discipline within 5 years of application with a minimum of 8.5 CGPA and no history of arrears.


How to apply for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission?

The process to apply for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission is online and candidates can visit the official website at ‘’

1. The URL mentioned above must be typed into the browser and then submitted to allow it to download.

2. Once the webpage is ready, candidates can click Apply Now button and then choose Research Programs

3. This will open another website with URL ‘’

4. Once the website with above URL opens, they can register and create an account.

5. After account creation, they can login and then start applying for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission by filling the application.

6. After the application is filled, they can verify the details and then submit it.

Direct link to apply for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission is here

Admission process

Candidates who have applied for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission must appear for a written test and pass it with required qualifying marks.

Those who pass the test have to appear for an interview which will be held at the institution’s premises in Chennai. Selection of candidates for Shiv Nadar University PhD Admission will likely be on performance in the test, interview, qualifying exam, choice of the course by candidates, seat availability.

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