SRMIST School of Law organizes a great special lecture

SRMIST School of Law turned center of attraction when it organized Republic Day special lecture. The program was held to mark the 74th Republic Day celebrations of India. Former Judge of Madras High court Dr. Justice M. Jaichandren said surviving very well unfractured for over 75 years is the greatest aspect of Indian Democracy.

Speaking further at the program by SRMIST School of Law, Dr. Justice Jaichandren said at the same time, this was a big achievement, the people had to continue to do even better, considering the diversity – of cultural and traditional values, religions, and languages.

SRMIST School of LawThere was immense diversity in our language alone considering there were 22 languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution in addition to hundreds of dialects, he said at the event conducted by SRMIST School of Law.

Justice M Jaichandren who is also the Chairman of the Puducherry Human Rights Committee said when we cross over to the next state, people speak different languages which we do not understand, yet we are one. There is so much diversity in our activities, events, and food habits.

The highlight of the event by the SRMIST School of Law

The cultural diversity is immense but we stand together as one nation that is Bharat, he said at the program by SRMIST School of Law. Justice M Jaichandren is an adjunct faculty at SRMIST School of Law. He also taught Constitutional Law at Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College for 16 years.

Speaking about issues that are a concern for this nation at the lecture program organized by SRMIST School of Law, Justice Jaichandren said illiteracy and poverty are the issues bothering this country.

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‘While the country accounted for 1/6th of the world’s population, he also pointed out that only 77% of Indians were literate. Every sixth person in the world is an Indian. At the same time, every 3rd illiterate person in the world is also an Indian.’

SRMIST School of LawAppreciating SRMIST School of Law for organizing the Special Lecture on a topic of great importance, he recalled that millions of people died during the freedom struggle. He said Constitution was the ‘mother of laws,’ drafted over 2 years and 11 months by top legal brains through 22 committees and headed by none other than Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Prof. Vincent Kamaraj, Vice Principal, SRMIST School of Law, welcomed the gathering.

SRMIST School of Law

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