Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan Latest List 2023

Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan

Students struggle a lot in finding the best M.Sc. colleges in Rajasthan, which later on results in spending so much of their time and energy. To solve this issue, Here is the list of Top 20 M.SC. Colleges in Rajasthan.

Just for the information of readers, every college on this list is either affiliated or recognized by some or the other trusted university and can be trusted with the future of students.

M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan

1) BITS, Pilani

The very first college on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. colleges in Rajasthan is the famous Birla Institute of technology and science, also known as BITS. One of the great contributions of the Birla group in the field of education, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science is worldwide famous for its facilities and amazing academics.

The campus life here is at another level as compared to other colleges.

2) Amity University, Jaipur

Following, the next university on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan is the Amity University, established by Amity University Rajasthan Act 2008. Crowned with the ‘Best Private University in North India’ by Brand Academy Excellence Award in 2014. Providing an environment to excel in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Opportunity to gain knowledge and skills through industry-oriented programs and training. Well-equipped lab with latest hotel operation software IDX next. Offers maximum industry exposure.

3) Manipal University, Jaipur

The next college on the list of Top 20 M.Sc colleges in Rajasthan is the famous Manipal University. A co-educational, private research university located in Jaipur. It is the 5th university established by the Manipal global education service.

Apart from providing an M.Sc. course, this college has a campus of 122 acres which has a constructed area of 2.47 million sq ft. This university was the first university in entire Rajasthan to be accredited with an A+ grade by NAAC.

Manipal University, Jaipur

LPU College admission

4) Jaipur National University, Jaipur

Following, on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan are the JNU. Jaipur National University, also known as JNU is a private University established in 2007 and founded through an ordinance passed by the Government of Rajasthan.

The university was accredited by the NAAC(National Accreditation and Assessment Council) in 2015. The university is one of the best colleges when it comes to teaching and facilities.

5) Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur

Established in 1935 on 6th October. This college deserves to get mentioned in the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan due to the popularity that this college has gathered. The courses provided here include Mathematics, Science, Management, Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Aviation, Education, Design, Law, and Journalism. Also, in some courses, the college provides a distance education facility.

Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur

6) Mewar University, Chittorgarh

The next college on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan, we have MU. Also known as Mewar University controlled by the Mewar Education Society (MES), this college is again the all-rounder in this section. Not only the M.Sc. courses but, also the engineering and other courses are available here.

It is up to the students if they want to take the prestigious opportunity to get admitted to this college as this college/university is a place to get what one desire. This university takes it as its task to get the demands of the students to get fulfilled in any case

7) BIT, Mesra

This college is another contribution of the Birla Group in the field of education. Birla Institute of technology is the most well-equipped college in the private section. It stands out in almost every criterion whether it is from an academic point of view or from the facilities point of view.

If the students want to live a lovely life ahead and are willing to give a healthy sum for their education and life, this college is the best.

8) NIIT University, Jaipur

Established in 2009 this university is also known as NU and is a private university. It is one of the best centers where all the questions get their answers related to the future of students in M.Sc.

The main reason or say one of the main reasons for mentioning this university on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan is a fee that they charge in exchange for providing such quality education.

9) Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner

One of the main reasons to put this college on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. colleges in Rajasthan is that it is among the top 10 oldest colleges in Rajasthan, established in 1928.

The college offers many courses and facilities like a library with an enormous collection of books, a Sports Complex, Conference halls, Computer labs and hostels for girls. The college is affiliated with MGSU Bikaner (Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner).

10) SK Govt Post Graduate College, Sikar

This college is one of the most famous colleges in Rajasthan. The reason behind mentioning this college in the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan is that it is one of the leading colleges in Mathematics and Science.

Established in 1952, this college offers various courses in every field but especially is famous for Mathematics and Science courses.

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11) Apex University, Jaipur

Next, on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan we have the Apex University, Recognized by UGC, this university advances in many fields. Some of them are good infrastructure, industrial certificates, a wifi campus, 56000+ alumni, and many more.

All the facilities provided by this college are very much exclusive as the thinking of the institution is that, if we want to make students great, the facilities provided to them must also be great.

Apex University, Jaipur

12) JVW University, Jaipur

It is the first state private women’s university in India. Established in 1965, this university is associated with different corporate companies. One of the reasons to put this university on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan is that the university offers more than 156 academic programs under various disciplines.

The facilities of this university include a large collection of books for a supreme library, a distance education scheme for most of the courses, and many more of the basic as well as advanced courses. So it is always a beneficial choice to go to this university for your dream course.

13) NIMS University, Jaipur

On the 13th number of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan, we have the NIMS University. The university was established in 2008 and is approved by MCI, BCI, PCI, and COA. All the courses offered here, to sum up, becomes a huge list. All the basic as well as advanced facilities can get here.

Hostels are also available for both girls and boys. The college has a great alumni group and not only this, all the alumni have great careers in whatever fields they are.

14) Raffles University, Alwar

Next, we have the famous Raffles University on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan. This university is established in 2011 and is sponsored by the non-profit making trust, Gomber Education Foundation. This college can be the dream college of those students who wish to go abroad for their higher studies as here, the college offers Internation Academies as well. Other than M.Sc. courses, agriculture courses are also available here and the fee is also not big as an elephant.

15) Shridhar University, Jaipur

On the 15th number on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan, one of the best private universities in Rajasthan is Shridhar University. This university not only focuses on technical courses but also on doctorate courses as well. In short, it is a fully equipped private university in Rajasthan that stands out from the list.

The academics and campus life of this university are very well and maintain a high order for being a private university.

16) Tantia University, Sriganganagar

The 16th position on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan are held by Tantia University. Commonly addressed as TU, this university was established in 1956 by the Rajasthan government.

The facilities offered by this college for the M.Sc. course include both basic as well as advanced level facilities and a fully updated computer lab.

17) Governent College, Dholpur

Founded in 1961, this college is the only government college in the entire Dholpur district. The reason to grant a position to this college in the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan are here, you may find more master’s courses as compared to bachelor’s courses.

The college focuses on higher studies and is accredited “B” grade by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

18) Shri Atam Vallabh Jain Girl’s College, Sriganganagar

Next on the list of the Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan, we have another girls’ college. Established in 2000 with merely 40-45 girls. If anyone wishes to be at a place where she can learn more about the Jain religion other than the courses they have opted for, this college is the best college for all those girl candidates.

The fees here are also nominal and are affiliated with the Maharaja Ganga Singh University of Top 20 Geology Colleges in Rajasthan Bikaner and Bikaner Technical University.

19) JECRC University, Jaipur

Following, on the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan we have the JECRC University, one of the famous colleges in Rajasthan for master’s degrees in Pharmacy. Recognized by the UGC, New Delhi, Although it has ‘Engineering college’ in its name, still it offers all the master’s as well as bachelor’s courses.

This college has several facilities available, including a Hostel and mess facility, and gym and library facilities as well.

20) Career Point University, Kota

Established in 2012, this beautiful university is spread over 50 acres of land and is considered one the best university for a B. Pharmacy course in Kota. Being one of the main competitors in providing emerging pharmacy graduates in the world makes this university gain a position in the list of Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan.


This is the list of the Top 20 M.Sc. Colleges in Rajasthan. The list gives full information about the colleges/ universities mentioned in it. If you want to know more about any of the above-mentioned colleges or universities, every name on the list has its own website. Search for the preferred colleges or universities that attract your interest.

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