Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka Latest List 2023

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

The top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka are educational institutions considered ideal for studying science in Karnataka at the postgraduate level. Science subjects attract a great deal of interest among youngsters and many of them strongly desire to study them at postgraduation and that is where these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka come into existence.

The science courses at postgraduation are popularly offered as MSc and some of the well-known science courses offered in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka are MSc Mathematics, MSc Physics, and MSc Chemistry. Students who have completed graduation in the relevant discipline (BSc) can apply for studying postgraduation in sciences in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka
Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

The focus is on science courses at postgraduation in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka, however, many of these educational institutions also offer science courses at graduation also. These top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka are located at various places in the state. These institutions are known to follow high standards which have brought them a great deal of fame. Details about the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka are provided below:

1. Jain University

This is among those institutions that do not need any introduction as there would be none in this country who would not be aware of this organization. It is positioned among highly admired universities in India.

It has earned a great deal of fame for its illustrious history of developing talent, it is a hub for learning in every sense of the word. It provides a great environment for learning. It is also well-known for its emphasis on research and sports.

It inspires to foster human development through excellence in quality education, research, and entrepreneurial development. The organization desires to provide quality education, creating human assets and intellectual capital. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

2. Mount Carmel College

The focus at this institution always is on fine-tuning students’ critical thinking abilities and sensibilities to transform them into socially conscious and responsible individuals. College is also popularly known as MCC.

Through a holistic developmental approach, the students are guided to rise to their highest potential through a cultural, scientific, and pedagogical approach crafted for growth. The floor is kept open for deliberations and discourses to enable the students to explore myriad possibilities.

It strives to ensure that they are empathetic, proactively responding to concerns and conflicts inherent in today’s reality, and working towards the welfare of all. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

3. St Joseph’s College

The college was founded in 1882 by the Fathers of the French Foreign Mission. The focus is always on highly noble intentions. One of them is to motivate students to be at their best always. The students are inspired to commit themselves to excel in the fields they choose.

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The emphasis is there on innovation and creation. Students are inspired to imbibe these qualities in them. The education imparted at St. Joseph’s prepares the students for a highly competitive world. The great delight is the impressive infrastructure here.

The facilities for students are on par with the best in the country. The students are also sensitized toward the concept of working for the welfare of all. Good ideas and concepts are always taught to students here. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

4. Kristu Jayanti College

Institutions that have made an impact have only one thing, noble ideas. Organizations that have carved a space for themselves in their fields do derive inspiration from great ideas. This college stands no different in this regard.

It aspires to provide intellectual and moral leadership by igniting the minds of youth to realize their potential and make positive contributions leading to the prosperity of society and the nation at large.

The mission of the institution is to provide educational opportunities to all aspiring youth to excel in life by nurturing academic excellence, fostering values, creating civic responsibility, inculcating environmental concern, and building global competencies in a dynamic environment. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

5. St Aloysius College

The college was established in 1880 and it takes pride in its history which spans 140 years. Thousands of students who have passed through the portals of this institution have rendered outstanding service to humankind not only in India but across the globe.

The college has imparted high-quality education to all sections of society. Inculcating social awareness and enhancing social concern is one of the main thrusts of the college. It is proud of its alumnae who proved their mettle.

The college has facilities for students that are on par with the best in the country and it motivates the students to be at their best always. The teaching staff of this college leaves no stone unturned when it comes to molding the students into highly qualified individuals. This is also of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

6. The Oxford College of Science

The Oxford College of Science was started in the year 1994 with twelve students and five teachers. Within 25 years the college has registered phenomenal growth. Presently College is catering education to more than 3000 students. The institution owes this astounding progress to our dedicated Management and committed teaching staff.

Within an intensely competitive environment, the college has adopted a dynamic, global, high-quality creative, and communicative approach to education, as well as research and development. It is affiliated with Bangalore University and proudly stands on a sprawling campus with a 6-storeyed building of 2.85 lakh sq. area.

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Keeping abreast with modern developments, the institution is constantly reinventing itself and renovating its physical infrastructure as well as its research and education facilities. The gallery classrooms are well equipped with the latest teaching aids, Smart Boards, and audio-visual facilities. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

7. NMKRV College for Women

NMKRV College for Women is located at Jayanagar in Bangalore which is now known as Bengaluru. It is managed by the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust. It started as a Pre-University College in 1971, it was in 1973 that it was renamed NMKRV Degree College for Women.

The college has grown in strength and reputation and today it is known as one of the leading Women’s colleges in the State. NMKRV got its autonomy status in 2006, and in 2010 UGC awarded it with ‘College with Potential for Excellence’.

Apart from all these milestones covered by the college, it provides an excellent environment for learning in the sprawling campus situated in the heart of the city. The college boasts of large open spaces landscaped beautifully with trees and lawns and a well-maintained playground. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

8. Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College For Women

Great organizations are admired for their impressive achievements. This notion stands true for this college. It has a history of more than four decades as a reputed College for Women located in the education hub of Bangalore city.

The organization has a ranking that is placed among the top 50 colleges (All India) and top 10 colleges in Bangalore by India Today Nielsen Survey. The students of the institution have proved their mettle and got fame for the institution with their achievements.

There is more to it than meets the eye. There is an extensive focus on high-level student involvement in different projects, programs, and processes of the institution through seminars, symposiums, conferences, and workshops. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

9. National Degree College

Inspiration to do great things always leads to something wonderful. This institution is an example of that, a few people with the inspiration to provide high-quality education came together and began efforts, and these led to the formation of this organization which everyone can be proud of.

The college can pride itself in having produced not only meritorious professionals but also able administrators and men of science with impeccable moral fiber in them. Students of the college have carved a niche for themselves not only within the country but also on foreign shores as well.

The college has great facilities for students, and the faculty here is highly qualified, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to shaping the students into highly qualified individuals. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

10. Nijalingappa College

There are many points of delight for this college located in Bengaluru and they have earned it a place among the highly admired institutions in the country. The college has a counseling cell that offers students a confidential space in which they can talk to a counselor about their concerns.

Students are provided with all facilities to participate actively in sports and games. Coaching for the students in various games is being arranged. Workshops are conducted on the topics of leadership quality, career after graduation, resume building, soft skills, group discussion, technical writing, and personality development which is of good use for students.

The college was established in 1963 and is one of the premier institutions of the KLE Society. It made a humble beginning in a rented building on Mahatma Gandhi Road and as time moved ahead there was a great deal of progress. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

11. Surana College

Institutions that have an impressive range of achievements must also be guided by a vision that is no less exemplary. This stands true about this institution. It aspires to be the educational institution of preferred choice by ushering convergence of knowledge, skills, and values through holistic education.

Surana College was established in 1995 under GDA Foundation Trust and is affiliated with Bangalore University. The focus point for this institution has always been on providing quality education to all sections of society.

The emphasis is on training for the holistic development of students. Constantly identifying value-additions to the university-stipulated curriculum, the college designs balanced inputs of curricular and co-curricular components into its practice. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

12. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce

The organization works with a high sense of dedication when it comes to inspiring the students to work for the welfare of all. It aspires to deliver global quality education by nurturing a conducive learning environment for a better tomorrow through continuous improvement and customization.

It has tasted success in its endeavor of delivering quality education for the betterment of mankind. It is committed to giving its students the directions to not only perform but also to excel. It provides a quality environment with necessary facilities and strong student support. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

13. NIT Surathkal

NIT Surathkal is an educational institution that has found a place among the most admired organizations in this nation. It is a public engineering institute founded in 1960. They have programs in the field of science, engineering, and management. A limitless number of students are placed at the top MNCs of this institute.

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal is located in Mangalore City in Karnataka. The Institute was established as Karnataka Regional Engineering College (KREC) in 1960 and upgraded to National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) in 2002.

The mission of this institution is to impart quality education to meet the needs of the profession and society and achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research. There is a lot to say about this institution.

The vision is to facilitate the transformation of students into good human beings, responsible citizens & competent professionals, focusing on the assimilation, generation, and dissemination of knowledge. Engineering and management courses are also taught here along with sciences. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

14. Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering

This institution began its innings in 1963 with a grand inauguration by Dr.T.M.A.Pai, who was the then Chairman of the Academy of Education, Manipal. Courses in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering branches were started first.

In 1968 the first batch of Students as Engineering Graduates came out. SJCE is the first college in Karnataka to introduce the Electronics and Communication branch of engineering in the year 1968. The college has been identified as one of the Centres of the Network scheme envisaged by the Government of India.

The journey is always humble in the beginning and as time moves ahead great achievements are recorded and this stands as no exception to this organization. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka that has garnered a great level of popularity for quality education.

15. Central Food Technological Research Institute

CSIR – Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is located in Mysore and is a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It came into existence in 1950 with the great vision of its founders and a network of inspiring as well as dedicated scientists who had a fascination to pursue in-depth research and development in the areas of food science and technology.

This is also one of the highly admired organizations in this country. The course offered here is M.Sc in Food Technology and it was started in the year 1964 as a part of the International Food Technology Training Centre (IFTTC).

The Merit-cum-Entrance Examination System is the mode for students getting admission to this course. The extensive course curriculum amalgamated with hands-on experience equips the students to address contemporary challenges and answer future emergencies in the food sector. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

16. Indian Academy Degree College

This institution is a part of the Indian Academy Group of Institutions and the motto of the institution is ‘get ready for life.’ Accordingly, the curriculum in the institution is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of industry-relevant skills, and a professional attitude.

The campus life is vibrant with a diverse multi-national student community is in itself an education in cultural sensitivity and global citizenship. A great deal of attention is given to providing all that is best for the students here.

The college has a legacy of over 28 years of experience and is currently poised to have a student strength of more than 3000. It provides international exposure, industry experience, integrated sports, and cultural activities, and institutionalized civic participation. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Science

17. CMR University

Bangalore which is now known as Bengaluru houses a t of educational institutions that have earned a great admiration of all sections. It is a private university in the state of Karnataka, established under the Act 45 of 2013.

It fosters creative communities where new ideas are nurtured, new discoveries are made, and new creations are shared. CMRU works with the vision to nurture creative thinkers who will drive positive global change. aims to promote and undertake the advancement of university education across a plethora of disciplines viz architecture, design, engineering, law, management, economics and commerce, social sciences & humanities, education, and science studies.

It also aspires to equip students with the required skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in their chosen field of study. Students learn creative concepts and design thinking regardless of their area of study.

18. Indian Institute of Science Bangalore – IISC Bangalore

Higher education in science in India will not be complete without the mention of IISC Bangalore. This is one of the oldest institutions in India which is known for teaching science courses.

IISc was established in 1909 by a visionary partnership between the industrialist Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the Mysore royal family, and the Government of India.

Over the last 111 years, IISc has become India’s premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education.

Its mandate is “to provide for advanced instruction and to conduct original investigations in all branches of knowledge as are likely to promote the material and industrial welfare of India.”

In keeping with this guiding principle, the Institute has strived to foster a balance between the pursuit of basic knowledge and applying its research for industrial and social benefit.

IISc’s reputation and pre-eminence ensure that it attracts the best young faculty members trained in the best laboratories around the world.

In 2018, IISc was selected as an Institution of Eminence (IoE) by the Government of India, and it consistently figures among the top Indian institutions in world university rankings. This is also one of the top 20 MSc Colleges in Karnataka.

19. Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies

The organization is popularly known as AIGS and was founded in 2005 and is counted among the top graduate colleges in Bangalore. The Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of subjects that include Language, Sciences, Technology, Commerce, Management, Commerce, Fashion Design, Marketing, Accounting, and E-Commerce.

It is provided with modern physical, technological and academic infrastructure and provides a world-class learning ambiance to its students. The Faculty members have vocational experience in various streams imparting practical knowledge to students coupled with hands-on learning exercises.

Seminars and conferences are conducted by all the departments of the institution with the support of many national and international funding agencies like ICSSR, KEA (Karnataka Evaluation Authority), and MWCD (Ministry of Women & Child Development). This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka

20. Krupanidhi Group of Institutions

Krupanidhi Group of Institutions is a comprehensive and student-focused institute established in 1985 and it aspires to provide high-quality education. It also achieved excellence in research and entrepreneurial development.

Krupanidhi Educational Trust manages the educational institution. The journey began about 30 years ago in a humble manner and as time moved ahead the fame of this institution also grew along with its impressive array of achievements.

The aim of the organization is to holistically nurture the students by providing them with top-quality education using cutting-edge, effective teaching methods in an affable and comfortable environment. Students in large numbers come here every year for studying various courses. This is also one of the top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka.

Conclusion (Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka)

The admission system in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka may vary from one another, students desiring to apply to these institutions can visit the respective official websites of these organizations to gather the required details. Students can visit these colleges in person to get the required information. The procedure begins with fulfilling the required eligibility conditions.

Students with required eligibility conditions can submit applications in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka, process to submit applications is usually online. The online process will be made active during the admission season every year, students can visit the official website of the institution and then register and then begin filling the application forms.

Certain of these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka may also allow offline submission of applications where the candidates can procure forms from the colleges in person and then fill them and then submit them. Post submitting application forms, students may require to appear for entrance tests (if any) and pass them with required qualifying marks to become eligible for further process which may comprise counselling or interview.

Some of these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka may provide admission on merit basis where the performance of the candidates in their qualifying exam is considered for selection. The process may be anything, candidates have to be prepared for it. Securing a place in these top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka may not be easy, working with determination will bestow success.

Top 20 MSc colleges in Karnataka



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