3-Year BBA vs. 5-Year Integrated BBA+MBA

by Tanu Bhatnagar


A 3-Year BBA is a shorter journey, while a 5-Year Integrated BBA+MBA extends the learning experience

A 3-year BBA is often 30% more cost-effective compared to a 5-Year Integrated BBA+MBA. It's a financially prudent choice for many aspiring business students


Looking for a deeper understanding of business concepts? The Integrated BBA+MBA might be your choice 

For diverse career paths, a 3-Year BBA offers flexibility, while an Integrated BBA+MBA focuses on leadership roles 


A 3-Year BBA fast-tracks your entry into the workforce, ideal if you're eager to start your career. In contrast, the Integrated BBA+MBA is tailored for those with long-term aspirations of becoming business leaders 

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