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5 Myths Debunked: Clear the NTA NET with Confidence

While experience is valuable, it's not mandatory. Focused preparation and a strong grasp of your subject can help you succeed, even as a fresher. 

Myth #1: Cracking NET requires years of experience 

JRF/SET fellowships are awarded based on a combined score of your NET exam and interview. Strategic preparation for both stages can significantly improve your chances. 

Myth #2: Only toppers get good JRF/SET fellowships 

While coaching can provide guidance, it's not a substitute for self-study. Leverage online resources, previous years' papers, and subject-specific textbooks for comprehensive preparation. 

Myth #3: Coaching institutes are the only way to succeed 

You can appear for the NET exam multiple times until you reach the age limit set by UGC. Utilize each attempt strategically to improve your score. 

Myth #4: There's only one attempt for NET 

Qualifying NET opens doors to research positions, teaching opportunities in colleges and universities, and even exemption from Ph.D. coursework in some institutions. 

Myth #5: NET is only for lectureships