GATE 2024 Toppers Revealed: Name, Scores, Branches

Celebrating Excellence: GATE 2024 Toppers Across Branches

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a sign of academic success and a way to get into top engineering and science schools. To show their skills and get into college or advance their careers as an engineer or scientists, thousands of people take the difficult GATE exam every year. When the GATE 2024 results come out, they give us a look into the amazing accomplishments and inspiring paths of the top winners. Their hard work, intelligence, and never-ending quest for perfection have set new standards for greatness. Read more, GATE 2024: Crack Your Dream PSU Job – Complete Guide to 50+ Opportunities!

Gate 2024 Toppers Revealed Name, Scores, Branches


Significance of GATE

GATE is more than an academic exam; it measures applicants’ ability and skill in their subjects. Furthermore, GATE scores are vital for admission to some of India’s top universities and overseas. A good GATE score opens access to high-paying public and private sector jobs.

GATE finds and develops talented academics and professionals who can make important contributions to their professions via its rigorous examination procedure. Thus, GATE becomes a transforming force, altering the destinies of innumerable people and driving them towards a bright future.

Branch-wise Achievements: The GATE 2024 results showcase exceptional performances across various branches:

Branch Top Scorer GATE Score
Aerospace Engineering Kundan Jaiswal 962
Agricultural Engineering Pratik Sherke 1000
Architecture and Planning Gajender Kumar Sharma 981
Biomedical Engineering Sanjeev C Achar 1000
Biotechnology Akanksha S 1000
Civil Engineering Deepak 989
Bhanu Pratap Singh 989
Computer Science & IT Piyush Kumar 1000
Chemistry Himanshu Papnai 1000
DS & AI Ayyagari Sathya Sai Srikar 1000
Electronics & Communication Raja Majhi 1000
Electrical Engineering Manoj Kumar Sinha 1000
Shivam 1000
Sai Kiran Adelly 1000
Environmental Science & Engg Gaddipati Yaswanth Babu 965
Ecology and Evolution Dhrubojyoti Patra 1000
Geomatics Engineering Vaibhav Sonkar 1000
Geology and Geophysics (Geology) Jaydeep Roy 1000
Geology and Geophysics (Geophysics) Shivam Kumar Rai 999
Instrumentation Engineering Rishabh Gupta 984
Mathematics Suyash Srivastava 1000
Mechanical Engineering Suraj Kumar Samal 1000
Mining Engineering Anurag Kumar Pathak 966
Metallurgical Engineering Hrutidipan Pradhan 977
Naval Architecture & Marine Engg Prince Kumar 1000
Petroleum Engineering Saurabh Kumar 955
Physics Anurag Singh 1000
Production and Industrial Engg Kumar Vishesh 1000
Statistics Sinchan Snigdha Adhikary 1000
Textile Engg & Fibre Science Meenu Munjal 1000

Interdisciplinary Fields and Humanities: GATE 2024 also witnessed remarkable performances in interdisciplinary fields and humanities:

Subject Top Scorer GATE Score
Economics Srijan Shashwat 940
English Ajay Kumar 1000
Linguistics Jesu Nazarene Roy 1000
Philosophy Utkarsh Rana 1000
Psychology Srishti Datta 975
Sociology Mohammed Shefin M P 1000
Life Sciences Siddhant Bhardwaj To be updated

University Grading Systems In India

Promoting STEM gender diversity

In recent years, women’s engagement in STEM courses has increased, advancing gender diversity and inclusiveness in technical education. This is especially true of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), where more women are scoring well in many fields and topics. The increased involvement of women in STEM disciplines shows their rising interest and aptitude in STEM subjects and attempts to break down gender barriers and promote equal education and professional opportunities

In addition to GATE 2024’s top achievers’ impressive accomplishments, it’s important to recognise their tough obstacles. It was difficult to manage extensive syllabi, learn complex topics, and balance academic requirements with personal obligations. These students’ endurance, resilience, and unflinching resolve demonstrate their dedication to greatness and scholastic and professional success despite such difficult obstacles.

Empowering Rural Talent

The GATE 2024 top scorers from rural areas demonstrate education’s transforming power and the nation’s talent. These non-urban students have overcome socioeconomic and geographical barriers to excel in a competitive academic environment. Their astounding achievements demonstrate the transformational power of education and the necessity for equal access to great education and opportunity for everyone, regardless of geography or socioeconomic background.

LPU College admission

GATE 2024’s top achievers’ many hurdles must be acknowledged and appreciated while celebrating their success. Their achievements inspire awe and motivate young engineers and scientists worldwide. The rising number of women in STEM disciplines and the rise of rural talent demonstrate gender diversity, inclusion, and equitable access to technical education and opportunity.


In conclusion, the GATE 2024 winners’ outstanding accomplishments demonstrate their devotion and hard work and inspire many hopefuls. Their accomplishments demonstrate education’s transforming potential and the nation’s latent brilliance. We praise their achievements and acknowledge the teamwork and steadfast support that got them there. Congratulations to the GATE 2024 toppers, whose paths demonstrate creativity, resilience, and greatness.

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