CBSE Announces Relaxation for Class 11 Subject Selection in 2024-25 

Relaxation for Maths Subject Selection in CBSE Class 11 Admission 

Previously, students opting for Basic Maths (241) in Class 10 could only choose Applied Maths in Class 11. Due to the pandemic, the board offered standard Maths (041) as an option in 2023-24.  

This relaxation is extended for the 2024-25 session as well. Students who chose Basic Maths in Class 10 can now opt for standard Maths (041) in Class 11. 

Schools must ensure students opting for standard Maths after Basic Maths have the aptitude for the subject. 

CBSE Class 10 students, remember: subject choices made during LOC filling are final. Choose wisely! This applies to the 2024-25 session.