CBSE Board Economics 2024: Key Topics 

National Income: Grasp its impact on economic growth and stability. Money & Banking: Understand how central banks influence the economy. Government Budget: Analyze its role in resource allocation and deficit management.


Demand & Supply: Decode how these forces shape market equilibrium and prices. Consumer & Producer Behavior: Predict choices and understand production dynamics. Market Forms: Explore different market structures and their implications.


Agriculture, Industry, & Services: Dive into their contributions and challenges. Money & Banking: Unravel the RBI's role in India's financial system.  Globalization: Analyze its impact on India's economy and trade.

Indian Economy

 Comparative Advantage: Understand why countries specialize in certain goods. Balance of Payments: Maintain stability through imports and exports. Trade Protectionism: Weigh its benefits and drawbacks in the global landscape

International Trade