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Palm Tree

CBSE Class 10 & 12 Transformation: 3 Languages, New Grading, National Credit Framework

Class 10 welcomes a 3rd language (Sanskrit, French, regional options) for richer cultural understanding and global communication skills 

Multilingual Twist for Global Citizens 

Grading in Class 10 & 12 shifts to a broader skillset focus, emphasizing critical thinking, problem-solving, and deeper learning over rote memorization 

Holistic Assessment Beyond Marks 

 A national credit system connects academic and vocational paths, offering flexibility and seamless transitions between diverse learning aspirations.

National Credit Framework: Bridging Educational Silos 

Harmonious integration, robust assessment mechanisms, and equitable access are key hurdles to navigate for successful implementation 

Challenges & Opportunities 

This ambitious transformation empowers students, fosters inclusivity, and creates a dynamic learning landscape for a future-ready India.

Shaping the Future of Education 

CBSE's revamp embraces challenges to revolutionize Indian education, paving the way for well-rounded individuals and a flexible, inclusive learning ecosystem.

A Bold Step Forward