Legal Leap: 5-Year Law Courses After 12th 

50,000+ students choose this path, and 78% of graduates land jobs within 6 months. So, future legal luminaries, pick your perfect legal fit and watch your legal dreams take flight!

BA LLB:  Humanities + Law

Social justice warriors, rejoice! This course blends your love for arts with legal expertise, perfect for analyzing literature with a legal lens.

BBA LLB: Business + Law  

Corporate masters, rise! Master contracts, IP, and corporate law, becoming a legal powerhouse in the business world.

BSc LLB: Science + Law  

Science savants, listen up! Understand scientific advancements through a legal lens, advocating for ethical progress in fields like biotech and environmental law.

BCom LLB: Finance + Law  

Financial wizards, unite! Gain financial savvy and legal finesse, navigating the complexities of commerce with confidence.

BTech LLB: Tech + Law  

Tech pioneers, innovate! Delve into cyber law, AI, and IP in the digital age, shaping the future of technology with legal foresight.