Exploring Law Courses After 12th

Exploring Law Courses After 12th

Exploring Law Courses After 12th, in India is important as the law is one of the most prevalent and respected occupations. A profession in law is extremely rewarding and offers numerous opportunities to those who seek it.Top 20 Law Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

Exploring Law Courses After 12th

Those interested in pursuing a profession in law after high school have a variety of choices. A country’s legal system governs a diverse collection of rules that seek to uphold and apply laws to ensure that all citizens experience benefits provided by social or governmental systems.


Exploring Law Courses After 12th encompasses a wide range of laws, including criminal law, employment law, business law, and other governing agencies. You will learn about the constitution in-depth, as well as how different rules and regulations came into being and how they are applied. In addition, most of these classes include substantial actual training through practice trials, internships, and case study analyses, among other things.

There are four major kinds of laws while Exploring Law Courses After 12th that you may encounter while studying in this area, and they are as follows:

Criminal Law: A collection of laws that punish certain actions and mistakes that are detrimental to society and the individual. They designate punishments and procedures based on the severity of the offence.

Civil Law: The law that protects a person from exploitation and does not require imprisonment, but rather seeks recompense or reimbursement for losses.

Corporate Law: A criminal justice system that seeks to ensure that company activities are eased by adhering to local and state rules governing lawful business behaviour.

Labour Law: Its primary goal is to ensure that workers are not taken advantage of by their employers and companies, and these laws govern various issues such as unionizations, compensation conflicts, and so on.

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Law Courses after 12th

Law is considered one of the most distinguished degree programmes available after the 12th grade. Students in India can pursue a law degree after completing a graduation degree (UG) in almost any subject. Aspirants can also study legal courses after completing their 12th year of arts, commerce, or science. Aspirants can study the following integrated law studies after 12th (also known as 5 years of integrated law courses after 12th.

Law Courses Law Course Details after 12th  Course Duration
BA + LLB Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative of Law 5 years
BA + LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative of Law (Honours) 5 years
BBA + LLB Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative of Law 5 years
BBA + LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative of Law (Honours) 5 years
B.Com + LLB Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Legislative of Law 5 years
B.Com + LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Legislative of Law  (Honours) 5 years
BSL + LLB Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences & Bachelor of Law 5 years
BSc + LLB Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Legislative of Law 5 years
BSc + LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Legislative of Law (Honours) 5 years
BTech + LLB Bachelor of Technology & Bachelor of Legislative of Law 6 years

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Eligibility Criteria for Law Courses After 12th

The eligibility requirements for Law courses differ depending on the curriculum and institution you choose. Because LLB is more of a combined program, you can either finish your bachelor’s degree in a related subject before enrolling in LLB or take a course like BA LLB or BBA LLB immediately after 12th

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Law School Entrance Exams

Whether you want to study law in India or overseas, you must pass certain law entrance exams before you can register for your desired plan. To study LLB, BA LLB, or BBA LLB in India, you must either pass university-specific admission examinations such as DU LLB, MHT CET, and so on or take the national level exam CLAT, which is held for LLB and LLM courses in India.

Furthermore, in order to seek an LLB abroad, you must first pass either the LNAT or the LSAT, based on the requirements of your selected institution. Furthermore, many institutions overseas require GRE scores for LLM programmes.

Other Prerequisites for Law courses after 12th abroad

Furthermore, in order to study for a Law degree overseas, you must provide language proficiency exam results such as IELTS, TOEFL, and so on. You must also send a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and some scholastic schools may request Letters of Recommendation. (LORs).

Career as a Lawyer

A lawyer is the most prevalent sort of law career. A lawyer can practise criminal law, business law, environmental law, family law, foreign law, and other areas. Lawyers can work for commercial organizations, government entities, or as in-house lawyers for businesses. Aside from becoming a lawyer, one can also work as a judge, legal adviser, legal scholar, or legal writer.


To sum up, the article Exploring Law Courses After 12th has expanded your legal knowledge and tried to cover various aspects to resolve aspiring legal students’ queries. It allows students to pursue their hobbies and passions while also learning about the legal field. With so many different career paths to choose from, students can discover their ideal fit and follow the legal profession of their desires.

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