Mental Health Support in Colleges

The emerging programs, new online resources, and innovative approaches to classroom teaching, whether you’re an educator, staff member, or administrator who wants to prioritize student mental health at your college.

Many colleges are beginning to proactively share mental health information with students during face-to-face orientation sessions. 

Increased awareness from the start

Another way to counter the stigma is to encourage students to monitor their mental health the same way they monitor their physical health.  

Free mental health screening

Despite all the resources available, students aren’t necessarily verbalizing their own mental health struggles—and many don’t know exactly how to help peers who appear to be lonely, sad, or distant.  So, just talk to them. 

Talking about it

Apart from supporting peer-led efforts and other campus initiatives, college instructors and professors can encourage student well-being by directly modeling preventive strategies and coping skills in class. 

Well-being practices woven into coursework