New Initiatives in College Mental Health Support at LSR

Explore the latest initiatives in college mental health support in LSR, including student support systems, mental health initiatives, campus safety, and counselling services. Discover innovative programs like the Peer Support Program at LSR and the impactful work of the National Service Scheme.

Enhancing Student Well-being Through Innovative Support Systems

The mental health of college students has become an increasingly important focus for educational institutions. With the pressures of academic performance, social adjustment, and personal growth, many students face significant challenges that can impact their well-being. In response, colleges are developing new initiatives to provide comprehensive mental health support. This article explores some of these initiatives, with a special focus on programs at Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR).

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Social and Mental Health Initiatives at LSR

The Peer Support Program at Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) is a support group composed of student volunteers from the Department of Psychology. Similar to a “buddy system,” the program provides psychological support to LSR students. Initiated in 2016, it aims to assist students facing day-to-day adjustment problems, relationship difficulties, academic concerns, and issues related to self-esteem and body image.

The Peer Support Program at LSR

Student volunteers are selected through an application process followed by interviews, supervised by faculty coordinators, to conduct one-on-one sessions addressing these problems. These peer supporters, with their relatively greater experience in the college’s academic and non-academic systems, help students function better during difficult times. They have also organized workshops on time management, body image concerns, procrastination, and stress management.

A notable feature of the program is “Spaces,” an informal setting where participants share their experiences and difficulties with group members, fostering discussion and cooperative learning. If a student presents with clinical issues beyond the scope of the program—such as high degrees of distress, self-harm, sexual and physical abuse, or substance abuse—they are referred to trained and qualified mental health professionals, including psychiatrists and clinical psychologists affiliated with hospital settings. Sessions are conducted by appointment and are held during college working days and hours (8:45 am to 5:30 pm).

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The National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme (NSS) at LSR addresses several urgent social issues through its community outreach programs. It has built fruitful collaborations with over 22 NGOs, established five in-house projects, and developed a volunteer base of over 700 students. The past year has been particularly productive.

NSS LSR continued its initiative to interact with children from less privileged sections of society by organizing Kala—an interactive, educational art competition and workshop for children from NSS LSR’s NGO collaborations.

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In November 2018, NSS-LSR hosted the annual NSS Diwali Mela, Noor, a celebration showcasing the innovative skills of students and NGOs, including a wide range of student entrepreneurs and NGO-made products.

The Tihar Programme began on January 1st with a four-day Clutch and Folder Making Module for the women inmates of Tihar Jail. An Expressive Arts Intervention Module was also conducted.

Gender sensitization workshops were held at NSS-LSR affiliated NGOs, including Kriti, Hope, Khusbhu, Shanti Sanyog, Vidya, and Aarohan, in collaboration with the Women’s Development Cell, LSR. These workshops covered themes such as Gender Identities, the Idea of Consent, Safe and Unsafe Touch, and Menstrual Health. NSS-LSR also organized its annual youth convention, Nexus 2019, with the theme “Celebrating Women.”

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The initiatives at LSR highlight the importance of comprehensive mental health support systems in colleges. Programs like the Peer Support Program and the National Service Scheme demonstrate how institutions can foster a supportive environment for students. By addressing both social and mental health needs, colleges can help students navigate their academic journeys while maintaining their well-being. As more institutions adopt similar approaches, the future of college mental health support looks promising.

These initiatives not only improve campus safety and mental health but also empower students to thrive both academically and personally. By prioritizing mental health and providing robust support systems, colleges can create a nurturing environment that promotes overall student success.

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