15 Tips for Students to Score Big in Subjective Answers

Crafting high-scoring subjective answers necessitates careful deliberation and adept communication, enabling you to present your thoughts convincingly. Here, we present a comprehensive guide comprising fifteen paramount tips to excel in writing subjective responses that resonate with clarity, originality, and effectiveness. These 15 Tips for Students to Score Big in Subjective Answers are designed in a manner that ensures better scores and marks.

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15 Tips For Students To Score Big In Subjective Answers..

15 Tips for Students to Score Big in Subjective Answers

To Score high marks in subjective answers demands more than just knowledge; it requires strategic tips and structure. Here are 15 invaluable tips to help students ace their subjective exams with finesse and precision.

1) Understand the Question

It’s crucial to fully comprehend the question before attempting an answer. For instance, if the question asks about the impact of renewable energy on global emissions, make sure to focus solely on that aspect and not delve into unrelated topics.

2) Stay Focused

When discussing the benefits of renewable energy, it’s important to stick to its positive environmental impact and not get sidetracked by potential drawbacks or unrelated economic factors.

3) Organize Your Answer

Organizing your response into sections can enhance clarity. Organize your essay into distinct, well-structured paragraphs, each addressing a particular aspect of the question. Envision dissecting the genesis of urbanization. Craft individual paragraphs to address economic catalysts, rural-to-urban migration, and infrastructural expansion.

  • For example:

Supporting your points with examples makes your answer more convincing. For instance, mention how countries like Denmark have significantly lowered their carbon emissions through wind energy adoption, Environmental Benefits, Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions etc.

4) Use Clear Language

Communicating ideas simply is essential. Opt for simplicity in language. Abstain from convoluted sentences. Instead of saying, “The exponential proliferation of renewable technology,” you could say, “The rapid growth of renewable technology.”

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5) Answer Completely

15 Tips For Students To Score Big In Subjective Answers

If asked about both the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, address both sides. Mentioning the environmental benefits and then discussing challenges like battery disposal showcases a comprehensive understanding.

6) Provide Evidence

Referencing credible sources strengthens your arguments. For instance, give an example from recent news credibility to your claim about the rising global renewable energy capacity.

7) Use Proper Formatting

Breaking down your answer into bullet points or subheadings improves readability. This technique is especially effective when comparing various aspects of a topic.

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8) Manage Your Time

If each question has a specific time allocation, stick to it. Allotting 10 minutes to read and understand a question ensures you have sufficient time to craft a detailed response.

9) Refine and Perfect

After writing your answer, take a few moments to review it. Correcting grammatical errors and rephrasing unclear sentences can greatly enhance the quality of your response. Additionally, scrutinize your choice of words to ensure that each sentence is lucid, succinct, and aptly conveys your intended meaning

10) Be Neat and Legible

Good Handwriting

Write in a legible manner. Neat handwriting or well-structured digital text is easier to read and understand. Clear, well-formed letters contribute to a seamless reading experience. Illegible writing can obscure your insightful content, potentially leading to misunderstandings and deductions in marks.

11 ) Answer with Confidence

Confidence in your response reflects your understanding of the topic. For instance, stating “Renewable energy unquestionably contributes to global sustainability” conveys more certainty than “I think renewable energy might be beneficial.”

12) Maintain Logical Flow

Facilitate seamless transitions between paragraphs. If examining the nexus between social media and mental well-being, segue from its influence on self-esteem to its role in amplifying feelings of isolation

13) Enhance through Proofreading

Following the initial draft, allocate time for meticulous revision. Rectify errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This process heightens the overall quality of your response

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14 ) Practice Writing

Regular practice is pivotal. Routinely compose responses to diverse prompts. Seek guidance from peers or mentors to refine your technique Tackle a variety of subjects to refine your ability to compose well-structured, coherent responses.

15 ) Stay Calm and Composed

During exams, remaining calm ensures you can approach each question methodically. Stress can hinder clear thinking, so practice relaxation techniques to stay composed. While discussing a controversial topic like GMOs, focus on potential benefits and solutions rather than dwelling on perceived risks.

What Not to Do:

Dont Do

  • Avoid venturing into unrelated topics, such as discussing climate change policies or economic ramifications, which would dilute the response’s focus.
  • Refrain from using overly technical jargon without clarifying its meaning, risking reader comprehension.
  • Don’t provide examples to prove the response’s credibility.
  • Do not ignore the question’s multi-faceted structure by focusing solely on one aspect (e.g., causes) while neglecting the other (e.g., impacts).
  • Avoid being overly opinionated or emotional, as a balanced, objective tone is crucial in informative responses.
  • By weaving these tips into the response while avoiding pitfalls, you create a comprehensive, well-structured, and informative answer that aptly addresses the question’s requirements.



The following answer exhibits good use of the above tips:

Question – How are Social media’s mental health effects?

To write a good scoring answer, understand the topic and focus on “social media” and “mental health.”The answer should be a concise, complete response that addresses all aspects of the question is essential.

♦ Structuring Your Answer: Utilise Headings and Subheadings for Organisation The effects of social media on self-esteem, anxiety, and depression can be examined individually.

♦ Provide more context or a specific question so that I can give you a proper academic response.

♦ Provide a concise and focused response to the question without deviating from the topic.

♦ Refrain from delving into the historical background or advantages of social media.

♦ Please provide examples to support your answers. Research has demonstrated that excessive social media usage is associated with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

♦ Write clearly and concisely. Ensure that you thoroughly address all aspects of the question.

♦ The answer will examine the positive and negative effects of social media on mental health.

♦ Allocate time to each question based on its marks and difficulty. This tip prevents excessive time allocation to a single question, thereby mitigating the risk of rushing through subsequent questions.

♦ Revise and edit your response after completion.

♦ Review the text for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and clarity of expression.By implementing these tips, you can produce a well-organized, well-substantiated, and reader-friendly response that earns a high score.


Mastering subjective answers requires a combination of understanding, preparation, and effective communication. By applying these 15 expert tips, students can confidently navigate subjective exams and secure impressive results. Excelling in subjective answers is an art that demands not just information, but also strategy.

By adopting a holistic approach that encompasses understanding the question, structuring responses, offering relevant examples, and maintaining clarity and coherence, students can craft impeccable answers. Incorporating analytical thinking, credible references, and effective time management further enhances the quality of responses.

As students apply 15 Tips for Students to Score Big in Subjective Answers, equip themselves to conquer subjective exams with confidence and achieve remarkable academic success.

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