5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India

5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India

5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India will inspire aspirants to be young entrepreneurs along with their respective studies. It might be difficult to stand out in a nation with more than a billion inhabitants. However, it’s a challenge that India’s young entrepreneurs are eager to have accepted and create success stories.

5 Success Stories Of Young Entrepreneurs In India

5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India that will astound and inspire you are the result of their unwavering pursuit of success and creativity. These inspiring people have forged their own paths, overcome obstacles, and built successful enterprises that have changed many people’s lives and their own.

These young businesspeople—from IT prodigies to social change-makers—show that age is nothing more than a number when it comes to making a difference in the world. So let’s investigate these trailblazing individuals’ environments and see how they achieved their goals.

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Be ready to be motivated by 5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India
1. OYO Rooms – Ritesh Agarwal
2. Rockstah Media – Farrhad Acidwalla
3. GoDimensions – Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran
4. Online Magazine FRIENDS – King Sidharth
5. Cuberoot Technologies – Apoorv Ranjan Sharma

1. OYO Rooms – Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal is the creator of OYO Rooms, an Indian affordable hotel brand. He began his business experience with Oravel Stays, a bed and breakfast service for budget travellers, but quickly realised that the industry was already saturated with comparable offerings. This inspired him to launch OYO Rooms, with the goal of offering budget travellers a consistent and pleasurable experience.

The company began with 11 rooms at a hotel in Gurgaon and has now grown to over 65,000 rooms spread over 5,500 establishments in 170 cities throughout India.
One of the keys to OYO’s success is its emphasis on technology. Ritesh spent a lot of money establishing a solid technology platform that allowed customers to easily book rooms and hotels to manage their business.

The firm experienced difficulties managing several properties and guaranteeing quality control, but it stayed focused on its goal, which contributed to its success. OYO Rooms has revolutionised the budget hotel sector in India and has grown to become one of the country’s most successful hotel companies.

2.Rockstah Media – Farrhad Acidwalla

Rockstah Media Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla is a young Indian entrepreneur who began his business path when he was 13 years old, borrowing Rs. 1,200 from his father to develop an internet community. He invested Rs. 500 on an internet domain when he was 16 and sold his first company idea for Rs. 25,000. He was even interviewed on CNN at the age of 17. Farrhad’s success continued when he founded Rockstah Media, a web development and media business.

Biyani Group Group Of College

Despite being only a year old, Rockstah Media has already earned national attention. His accomplishments have won him a spot on many listicles by well-known magazines, he is a TEDx speaker, and he has been a guest lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit, where he was also the youngest guest lecturer. Farrhad Acidwalla’s tale is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs who think that when it comes to business, age is only a number.

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3. GoDimensions – Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

Shravan and Sanjay, two adolescent twins, are making waves in the business world with their firm GoDimensions. They are India’s youngest mobile application developers, aged 16 and 15, respectively. Their organisation is dedicated to offering easy and efficient digital technology solutions. Their interest in app creation stems from their enjoyment of reading books and solving difficulties.

They have already produced 11 apps using their skills in designing applications for both Android and iOS platforms, which have been downloaded over 60,000 times across 60 countries. Shravan and Sanjay, despite their youth, have set a big goal for themselves: to have their applications loaded on at least half of the world’s digital phones. These young entrepreneurs are undoubtedly ones to watch and learn in the future, for aspiring young entrepreneurs with their unique concepts and remarkable track record are good examples for students.

4. Online Magazine Friends- King Sidharth

Online Magazine Friends King Sidharth

With the launch of his online magazine, Friendz, in his 10 grade, King’s entrepreneurial journey began. This business endeavour was successful, and it gave him invaluable business expertise. Web design, drawing, and public speaking are just a few of the many talents that King possesses. Additionally, he established Createens, a website that instructs young people in business and motivates them to pursue their goals.

King is both an entrepreneur and the author of the book “Bhagavad Gita & The Law of Attraction.” The book guides readers on a quest for self-discovery while discussing the connection between spirituality and science. King’s many accomplishments at such a young age make him a great inspiration.

5. Cuberoot Technologies – Apoorv Ranjan Sharma

Apoorv Ranjan Sharma established Cuberoot Technologies, an AI-driven marketing automation platform. The platform aids companies in optimising their marketing tactics, enhancing client engagement, and making data-driven choices.

The goal of Apoorv was to provide a platform that would give companies access to cutting-edge technology so they could make smart decisions and remain ahead of the competition. Cuberoot Technologies, under Apoorv’s direction, has developed into one of the top companies in the marketing automation market, catering to clients in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, FMCG, finance, and hospitality.

The platform’s success may be ascribed to its capacity to provide organisations with specialised solutions depending on their particular needs. Cuberoot Technologies has managed to attract more than $5 million in capital from investors with a staff of more than 100 people. Apoorv has gained prominence as a young, innovative businessperson who is leveraging technology to revolutionise the marketing sector thanks to the company’s success.


In conclusion, the 5 Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs in India serve as examples of the strength of tenacity, creativity, and grit as well as triumph. These young brains have shown that age is not a barrier to excellence and that everything is achievable with the correct mentality. Their success stories encourage us to persevere in the face of adversity and never give up on our goals.

These young businesspeople have permanently altered the Indian startup environment, whether they are forming organisations that address pressing issues in society or developing technology that transforms how we live. As we look to the future, we can only hope that there will be more such inspiring tales of young entrepreneurs who continue to push the boundaries and make a positive impact on young entrepreneurs.

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