Best 11 Videos After 12th that students should watch

Discover Your Post-12th Experience with the Best 11 Videos After 12th that students should watch. In today’s high-tech world, making the best decision about a Career after schooling is so difficult that it can feel like a crash course in itself. The journey of a peaceful and happy life is dependent on your chosen career because it gives you joy and satisfaction with money.

Students of the 90s or 20s had less information, whereas students of the 21st century have a lot more information, which is sometimes confusing as to who they should listen to. So let us introduce you to some expert vedioes who will guide you about the best careers per your interests or subjects.

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Best 11 Videos After 12th that students should watch

Best 11 Videos After 12th that students should watch

Let’s discuss in detail how these Best 11 Videos About After 12th Grade can help students progress in their careers. To start with, we have the most popular video of Azfar Khan, a coach for commerce students.


In our list of Best 11 Videos After 12th that students should watch first we have Azfar Khan Channel. Azfar Khan is a chartered accountant(CA) by profession, she is also a content creator. She is managing her full-time corporate job along with her YouTube channel, which is dedicated to students. Her Chartered Accountant (CA) Journey video became a huge hit, and she was featured on Josh Talks multiple times.

If you are thinking about what to do after 12th commerce? Then Azfar Khan vedioes tell you about the top career options available to students after completing 12th She will tell you about the undergraduate programs, professional courses as well as government exams. If you are a commerce student do check out her videos ASAP on YouTube.


Neeraj Sharma Bhardwaj also known as NSB Pictures is a social media influencer from Uttarakhand. he completed his 10th standard from Govt. High school Manimajra, and completed his 12th standard from Govt. senior secondary school sector – 8, Chandigarh.

if you are interested in photography and want to explore the life of a photographer. Then you must visit NSB Pictures YouTube videos. He will tell you about photography and its courses. He shares his journey as a photographer while studying for other professional degrees.

Biyani Group Group Of College


Captain P Kumar is a commercial pilot with over 15 years of experience. He is passionate about helping his students explore the aviation industry with his knowledge and guidance through his videos. His famous saying: A soldier goes on a mission once in a blue moon, but a pilot goes on a mission almost every day.

From childhood to adolescence, whenever we see an airplane, we wish to fly If you are one of those, then get ready to be the pilot of an airplane, because CAPTPKUMAR will guide you on how to become a PILOT after the 12th. The captain himself is a pilot, and he tries to spread his knowledge through his videos. So, what are you waiting for? Future pilots just go and check out the captain’s channel.


If you are confused about a career to start or want to take a gap for better career planning, then we suggest you take diploma courses. GURUCHAKACHAK videoes tells about the diploma courses, such as ITI courses. in these courses, students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also experience practical


Are you a person who loves parties and also wants to manage or arrange them? Then your dream course is the event, and the STUDY TIPS channel will give you detailed information about this course. From the introduction of event management to college courses, everything is explained so well.

Praveen Bhat Photography


Praveen Bhat is one of the top fashion photographers in India. He ventures into a diverse range of fields, including fashion wear, jewellery, cosmetics, automobiles, and electronics. Praveen over the years has catered to clients like Malabar Gold, Ritu Wears, Nikon, HCL, Liberty Shoes, Graviera, and Meena Bazaar. Praveen believes that his passion for capturing my photographs makes them unique and among the best in the country.

Praveen sir is an expert in the model industry, He will guide you through his videos about how anyone can become a model after 12th grade, no matter what the tone of your

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Channels4 Profile


In the contemporary landscape of artificial intelligence, acquiring proficiency in both fundamental and sophisticated AI tools has become a prevailing trend. Josh Money’s YouTube channel stands out as a valuable resource, offering comprehensive guidance on accessing a trending AI course without any associated costs. Serving as an informative hub, the channel provides valuable insights into the intricacies of AI, making it an indispensable source for individuals seeking to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence at no expense.


Navigate through a diverse array of courses on its informative videos beyond the traditional landscape of engineering education with the aid of Etisha Garg’s YouTube channel. Uncover a comprehensive understanding of the multitude of academic offerings provided by IIT colleges, spanning various fields of study. Etisha Garg’s informative content not only illuminates well-established disciplines but also unveils lesser-known yet equally valuable educational pathways. Explore an extensive range of options and broaden your horizons as you discover the myriad of courses available, all expertly detailed on Etisha Garg’s platform


For biology enthusiasts aspiring to explore lucrative career options or pursue higher studies while working after completing the 12th class, Chalk Talk Tutorials channel is a must-visit. This channel serves as a valuable guide, offering insights into the best career paths where job opportunities are abundant for biology students.

Additionally, Chalk Talk Tutorials provides valuable information about courses that allow students to seamlessly balance work and higher education. Whether you aim to secure employment right after the 12th class or have aspirations for advanced studies, this channel is a comprehensive resource to help you make informed decisions about your academic and professional journey in the realm of biology.


If you’re a student in the arts field feeling concerned about your career prospects, especially when compared with friends who have chosen science, worry no more. The channel hosted by this knowledgeable individual is here to guide you through various courses that offer excellent opportunities post-12th.

Whether you’re seeking clarity on potential career paths or exploring options that align with your passion for the arts, the channel provides valuable insights to alleviate your concerns. Trust in the expertise shared to discover the multitude of opportunities available to arts students, ensuring that you make informed and confident decisions about your academic and professional future.


If you’re a parent of a 12th-grade student grappling with concerns about their future career path after the board examinations, look no further. Neetu’s Mam channel is a valuable resource that comprehensively explains various courses and degrees tailored specifically for 12th-grade students.

Neetu’s insightful explanations can assist both you and your child in navigating the plethora of options available and making informed decisions about their educational and professional journey. Rest assured, this channel aims to alleviate the uncertainties surrounding post-12th choices, offering clarity and guidance to support your child’s aspirations and help them embark on a fulfilling career path


Choosing the right course after completing the 12th grade is akin to selecting a drop of water from the vast sea of possibilities. To assist students in making this crucial decision, exploring the “Best 11 Videos After the 12th” becomes a vital endeavour. These videos serve as a metaphorical drop, each containing insights into numerous courses available for post-exam students. Recognizing that a key determinant in this decision-making process is personal interest, the videos provide valuable information on various fields and courses, empowering students to align their choices with their passions.

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