CA Indore Branch of ICAI Shines Bright: Wins Best Branch Award

Indore CA Branch Recognized as Best in India by ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Indore branch has won the prestigious title of Best Branch in the country. This is a big deal. With this award, the branch has shown its great accomplishments, hard work, and unshakable dedication to the field of professional accounting. The annual function held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, witnessed the felicitation of the Indore CA branch, along with acknowledgement for the Southern India Chartered Accountants Students Association (SICASA) city branch.

Ca Indore Branch Of Icai

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Details of the Award Ceremony

At the annual function, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, ICAI national president CA Aniket Talati, and Vice President CA Ranjit Agarwal bestowed the Best Branch award upon CA Kemisha Soni, CA Kirti Joshi, CA Anand Jain, and the dedicated team of the Indore CA branch. The SICASA city branch also received accolades as the second-best branch in the country.

Achievements and Recognition Criteria

The Indore CA branch, consisting of over 6,000 members in a pool of 4 lakh members across 172 branches nationwide, clinched the award for its sustainable activities. These activities included society programs, knowledge enhancement initiatives for members and students, and innovative approaches. The recognition also considered the branch’s contributions to the institute, such as budget suggestions, technical support, and participation in various programs aimed at the development of CA members and students.

The award was bestowed upon CA Kemisha Soni, CA Kirti Joshi, CA Anand Jain, and the entire Indore CA team by esteemed dignitaries, including Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, ICAI national president CA Aniket Talati, and Vice President CA Ranjit Agarwal.

  • Indore CA branch, boasting over 6,000 members within a nationwide pool of 4 lakh spread across 172 branches, emerged victorious amidst stiff competition.
  • The branch’s success stemmed from its multifaceted efforts, including:
  • Sustainable activities: Engaging in society programs, knowledge enhancement initiatives for members and students, and implementing innovative approaches.
  • Institute contributions: Offering valuable suggestions on budgets, providing technical support, and actively participating in programs aimed at the development of CAs and students.

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SICASA’s Noteworthy Contributions

Indore SICASA Chairman CA Rajat Dhanuka highlighted that the SICASA city branch secured the second-best branch award at the national level. This recognition stems from the array of programs organized by SICASA, including National Conferences, Youth Fests, Industry Visits, and initiatives supporting the underprivileged sections of society. The city branch’s commitment to educational assistance, including providing copies, books, pens, and clothing, played a pivotal role in earning this accolade.

Parameters for Best Branch Selection

The Best Branch award is conferred after a meticulous assessment based on various parameters. These include compliance with ICAI guidelines, administrative efficiency, financial discipline, innovation, financial literacy initiatives, tax awareness programs, and the overall societal contributions made under Corporate Social Responsibility. Additionally, the number and quality of programs conducted for CA members and students, along with attendance and time taken by the CA Institute, are crucial factors in the evaluation.

Ca Indore Branch Of Icai ....................

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A Legacy of Excellence

Indore CA branch’s recognition as the Best Branch in India is a well-deserved honour that signifies its commitment to excellence, innovation, and social impact. This achievement not only adds to the branch’s illustrious legacy but also positions Indore as a leading hub for exceptional contributions to the chartered accounting field. As the branch continues to scale new heights, its dedication to serving the profession and society remains unwavering

Final Note

The acknowledgement of the Indore CA branch as the Best Branch in India is a momentous achievement that reflects not only the branch’s excellence but also its significant impact on the accounting profession. As we celebrate this recognition, it underscores the commitment of Indore’s chartered accountants to continuous improvement, innovation, and social responsibility. The institute’s acknowledgment further solidifies the city’s position as a hub for exemplary contributions to the field of chartered accountancy.Title: ICAI Indore: A Legacy of Excellence and Social Commitment.

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