CENTAC 2024 Puducherry revises eligible sports list; registration deadline extended

According to an announcement made by CENTAC Puducherry, admission to non-NEET degrees including BTech, LLB, agriculture, and pharmacy would take into account 65 different sports. Check the most recent changes here.

The deadline for applying for non-NEET courses, including BTech, BSc, BPharm, and LLB under the sports quota, has been extended by the Puducherry Directorate of Higher and Technical Education to June 10. The updated list of sports disciplines that qualify has also been released by the Centralised Admission Committee (CENTAC). According to the updated list, 65 different sports will be taken into account for admission under the meritorious sports quota.

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To “provide adequate time to candidates belonging to newly added sports discipline and also to honour the requests received from various other applicants who have already registered but have not completed their application due to delay in getting Revenue certificates,” the committee announced that the CENTAC registration deadline for 2024 has been extended.

On the other hand, editing tools will no longer be available to individuals who completed their registration before May 31. The registration will be frozen starting on June 1. Candidates will be notified via their dashboards if differences are discovered in the previously submitted application form during the registration process. There will be ample opportunity for applicants to correct any errors on the admission form.

The grievance option on their dashboard on the CENTAC portal, along with their sports credentials, is how candidates who become qualified under any of the recently added sports disciplines are supposed to submit their requests. Candidates can visit www.centacpuducherry.in, use the Grievances option on the login dashboard, or call the helpline at 0413-2655570 for further information, according to the statement.

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CENTAC: A list of recently added sports disciplines

Candidates can view a comprehensive list of sports disciplines considered eligible for the CENTAC 2024 admissions procedure.

Ice-Hockey Archery Soft Tennis
Sepak Takraw Handball Baseball
Badminton Rowing Judo
Ice-Skating Athletics Squash
Softball Hockey Basketball
Ball Badminton Rugby Kabaddi
Ice-Skiing Atya Patya Swimming
Taekwondo Billiards and Snooker Tennis
Boxing Karate Carrom
Kho Kho Table Tennis Mallakhamb
Tenni-Koit Body-Building Tenpin Bowling
Bridge Kudo Kayaking and Canoeing Chess
Volleyball Motor Sports Equestrian
Cycle Polo Triathlon Powerlifting
Pencak Silat Cricket Wrestling
Weightlifting Netball Fencing
Deaf Sports Tug-of-war Shooting
Polo Cycling Yachting
Wushu Para Sport (For Sports discipline included in Paralympics and Para Asian Games) Football
Golf Shooting Ball Gymnastics
Roll Ball Tennis Ball Roller Skating
Yogasana Cricket

The Centralised Admission Committee (CENTAC) Puducherry has announced significant updates regarding the admission process for non-NEET courses, including BTech, LLB, agriculture, and pharmacy. Notably, the committee will now consider 65 different sports disciplines for admission under the sports quota.

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The deadline for applying for these courses has been extended to June 10 by the Puducherry Directorate of Higher and Technical Education. This extension aims to accommodate candidates from newly added sports disciplines and those who faced delays in obtaining necessary certificates. The CENTAC portal has also implemented measures to ensure a smooth registration process, including a grievance option for candidates to address any discrepancies in their applications.

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The extension of the application deadline to June 10 and the inclusion of 65 different sports disciplines under the CENTAC Puducherry admission process for non-NEET courses provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring students. This decision ensures that candidates from diverse sports backgrounds have ample time to complete their applications and submit the necessary documents. With the updated registration process and grievance options, candidates can address any issues promptly, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation. Stay informed by visiting the official CENTAC Puducherry website and take advantage of the extended deadline to secure your place in your desired course.

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