CFA Institute offers a New Private Equity Certificate Program in 2024

Discover the new CFA Institute private equity certificate program designed for investment professionals with 1-3 years of experience. Enhance your skills in private equity through practical, self-paced courses and live sessions with expert trainers. CFA Institute has launched a new private equity certificate program for investment professionals. The program is designed for professionals with one to three years of experience in private equity, as well as those aspiring to such roles.

As per the institute, the private equity certificate meets the learning needs of interns, analysts, and associates at private equity firms or investment banks and individuals currently pursuing relevant degrees. It also caters to small and mid-sized private equity firms seeking training content for new employees. The program is designed for professionals with one to three years of experience in private equity.

The certificate will provide students with the chance to engage directly with a financial modelling trainer through an open forum. Subject-matter expert trainers will offer assistance, clarification, guidance, and feedback on any areas of concern related to the financial modelling certificate content. The institute said that monthly one-hour live sessions will begin in September and will be available to suit different time zones.

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CFA Institute Courses

The certificate is an intermediate-level, self-paced program consisting of five courses. It focuses on practical skills, particularly in modelling, and aims to develop the capabilities expected of an analyst or associate in a private equity firm. The five courses are:

  • Course 1: Private Markets Essentials
  • Course 2: Private Equity
  • Course 3: Private Debt for Private Equity Practitioners
  • Course 4: Intermediate Financial Modeling
  • Course 5: General Partner Perspectives

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Upon meeting the requirements for courses 1 to 5, learners will qualify to take the 60-question final assessment. This assessment will be conducted online and will consist of multiple-choice questions.

Speaking about the certificate program, the head of certificate management at CFA Institute, Richard Fernand, said: “The new certificate complements the foundational level Private Markets and Alternatives Certificate launched by CFA Institute last year and offers both learning and practical content, empowering candidates with increased confidence and enhanced credibility within their organizations.”

“Alongside the existing Private Markets and Alternative Investments Certificate, and the recent launch of the CFA Program LIII Private Markets Pathway, this new certificate underscores the commitment by CFA Institute to providing high-quality educational content in the alternatives space,” he further said.

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The CFA Institute’s new private equity certificate program is a significant addition to its educational offerings, tailored to meet the needs of professionals with one to three years of experience in private equity. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum through five self-paced courses, focusing on practical skills essential for analysts and associates. 

With the inclusion of live sessions and direct engagement with financial modelling trainers, this certificate program offers a robust learning experience. By completing this program, professionals can gain increased confidence, credibility, and practical expertise, empowering them to excel in their roles within private equity firms and investment banks.

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